UPDATE II (9/5): NEW COLUMN: Kyle Goes To Kenosha: A Folk Hero Is Born

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NEW COLUMN is “Kyle Goes To Kenosha: A Folk Hero Is Born.” The column appeared on Townhall.com, WND.COM, The Unz Review, American Renaissance, Newsroom For American And European Based Citizens. Check out the resistance out of East Europe.

You can now catch Kyle on American Greatness, the best paleoconservative webzine stateside, and London’s Quarterly Review, first established in 1809 by George Canning.


An excerpt:

Having done an about face against rioting, the sanctimonious Don Lemon, at CNN, giggled and smirked his way through a segment about “racist” white suburbanites, who imagined any decent rioter would bother with their ugly abodes. Hey, racists, there is no Gucci merchandise where you bunk down, taunted CNN’s silly man.

Desperate, suddenly, to appear on the side of normies, the Fourth Estate is currently yearning for a Sister Souljah moment. Sister Souljah had expressed sympathy for the 1992 Los Angeles rioters. If only black people would turn to killing whites instead of one another, lamented that eponymous rapper.

Back then, Bill Clinton—a master politician, and a conservative by the standards of Democrats today—diffused her weasel words. Candidate Clinton called the rapper a racist as bad as David Duke. As a master of triangulation, he managed at once to appease whites (who mattered back then) without alienating black Americans.

And, unlike Anderson Cooper, Bill Clinton felt your pain.

Behold the puzzled look on Cooper’s bewildered face, as he is told by an ordinary, working American what it means to lose your life’s work to louts and looters. The silver-haired Mr. Cooper, also a CNN celebrity anchor, is the son of heiress Gloria Vanderbilt. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Perhaps he cannot comprehend the concept of private property owners defending their modest residences and meager businesses given the fact that he grew up in a castle.

A Teen Rose To The Challenge
Not so Kyle Rittenhouse. Young Kyle went to Kenosha, Wisconsin, because he was never confused. He attempted to do the job politicians and police have refused to do. As the city’s mayor and the state’s governor watched Kenosha burn, Kyle confronted the enemies of the commonweal. Unlike the flaccid men of the media and in corridors of power, the 17-year-old rose to the challenge, firing only when he was prone and was being pounded by the feral fiends. …

… READ ON. NEW COLUMN is “Kyle Goes To Kenosha: A Folk Hero Is Born.” It is currently on Townhall.com, at WND.COM , The Unz Review,  American Renaissance , and Newsroom For American And European Based Citizens.

You can now catch Kyle on American Greatness, and London’s Quarterly Review.

UPDATE I (9/5):  Why not? I’m allowed. Via American Renaissance: 

I like Ilana Mercer’s work. She has a very unique style of writing which combines prose, sarcasm, humor, and seriousness. She is extremely intelligent, and she is an outstanding source on the havoc and chaos which have befallen South Africa since apartheid ended.


In reply to my young friend, Chris Watson: MY WORK DOESN’T CHANGE no matter where it is published! Were I to be published by storm-troopers, the message would still be 100 percent true. @OfficialCWATSON, your mind is not where it deserves to be. You’re better than this. Read my recent deconstruction of the term racism, CLOSELY.

Was The Cop’s Knee On George Floyd’s Neck ‘Racism’? No!

“‘Systemic Racism’ Or Systemic Rubbish?”

Next and last installment, next week.


4 thoughts on “UPDATE II (9/5): NEW COLUMN: Kyle Goes To Kenosha: A Folk Hero Is Born

  1. Paul Marchand

    Great article, Ilana Mercer. I might expand, but it’s bedtime.

  2. Ilana Mercer Post author

    I’m looking forward to your further comment, Paul. I’m hoping to revive the blog discussions a few of us used to enjoy.

  3. Musial Protege

    Yes, a terrific column, as I’ve commented elsewhere. Ilana has been providing the best commentary on the BLM peaceful protests since the first brick was thrown through the first Gucci window.

    And now, could this be Ground Zero for the Free KR (!!) movement. Stay tuned…

    As for CNN, have they officially changed their tagline to “Official News Source of the Trump Derangement Syndrome?” Don Lemon must be real; no sane person could invent him out of their imagination. Anderson Cooper: not just a scion of old wealth, but son of perhaps the loopiest mom in the Social Register. I’m dating myself, I know, but I can never forget Gloria Vanderbilt, with her penchant for self-promotion, at the vanguard of America’s unfortunate obsession with designer jeans in the early 80’s: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kOC1rdmAdMY

    Used to be, America’s Robber Baron class led genuinely private lives and endowed libraries and truly great museums, while their wastrel offspring bled off their considerable trust funds in some glamorous overseas watering hole (hence the term jet set). After Glo-girl, Paris Hilton was inevitable. As for Anderson, he could be Gloria’s revenge for one too many savage SNL parodies.

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