UPDATED (5/19): NEW COLUMN: RFK, Jr.: Authentic Americanism That Loves Liberty, Loathes Lockdowns, Upbraids Abe

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NEW COLUMN is “RFK, Jr.: Authentic Americanism That loves liberty, Loathes Lockdowns, Upbraids Abe.” It was featured on WND.COM, The Unz Review, where it was one of the main features, and The New American.

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UPDATE (5/20): The number of views for this column’s companion Hard Truth podcast-–recorded 3 weeks back with my honorable, trustworthy podcast partner David Vance—is 32,000! Truth is timeless, especially when it’s predictive. You see, other popular podcasts have only just caught up with our insights. Namely that Fox News is doomed. (Chuckle. Hearty). Tucker and Trump were transformational. We hope against hope that RFK, Jr. will be too.


THE GULF BETWEEN principles and practice, doxa and praxis, is eternal—all the more so when it comes to the politician.

When you think of a GOP candidate, in particular, you think of neither creed nor action, but, rather, of a list of talking points and policy positions to the exclusion of bedrock principles.

“God, groceries and gas” was how one gaseous hack smugly summed up what Americans need, to Sean Hannity of the near-defunct [chuckle] Fox News channel. That, and promises seldom kept.

Aside from a native intelligence, and to distinguish from his rotten party’s political plank—Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., conversely, does articulate a creed that respects liberty. Whether he will act on this commendable worldview once in office is unknown.

As it emerged from the RFK, Jr., announcement for president, his worldview departs from that of the progressive Democrat Party’s, which he has decried as “the party of fear, war and censorship… neocons with woke bobble-heads.”

RFK, Jr’s philosophy of liberty, moreover, appears wedded to reality. He doesn’t jabber GOP-style about a return to small government and the passing of a balanced budget amendment.

Such totem Republican “small-government” words are as good as Orwellian News Speak in concealing the truth, as they are dumbly and dangerously unmoored from reality, and thus meaningless, mere reductive talking points.

With an accreting $31.8 trillion in national debt, and some $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities incurred by federal and state governments—the United States of America is beyond such asinine talk. There is no coming back from this kind of government gigantism; from such Federal Reserve and state-driven chicanery, with which Robert F. Kennedy Jr. seems familiar and to which he speaks knowledgeably.

Your columnist’s task over the decades has been to address reality, not to levitate in the arid arena of pure thought. Kennedy does the same. As does he appear to grasp that the natural law of the Constitution has been buried under piles of statute and administrative-law precedent. He knows this all too well, having spent his working life litigating against the Deep, Regulatory, Administrative, Security, Welfare-Warfare State. …

… THE REST.  “RFK, Jr.: Authentic Americanism That loves liberty, Loathes Lockdowns, Upbraids Abe.” https://www.ilanamercer.com/2023/05/rfk-jr-authentic-americanism-loves-liberty-loathes-lockdowns-upbraids-abe/


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3 thoughts on “UPDATED (5/19): NEW COLUMN: RFK, Jr.: Authentic Americanism That Loves Liberty, Loathes Lockdowns, Upbraids Abe

  1. Juvenal Early

    RFK’s candidacy is a huge step in the right direction for the party of Jefferson & Calhoun & Pierce & Tilden & Grover Cleveland.

    On Covid, few were better than RFK. And when he called out Trump for the lockdowns, he did it fairly and in the manner of an old world gentleman, eschewing the crude slandering that typifies partisan politics. How novel: a presidential candidate who’s actually presidential.

    And while we’re talking foreign policy, blas Ms Mercer says in her excellent column, we now have a candidate who challenges the global empire, and seems to mean it. If he could close down 10% of the global US bases—hell, 5%—it’d be worth it. Having Dennis Kucinich in the fold is a very positive sign.

    And if you’re going to marry an actress, you could do a lot worse than the talented Cheryl Hines, who was such a capable foil to Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm.

    Ultimately, we shouldn’t put our faith in princes, as the Psalmist sez. RFK has flaws. God knows Trump & DeSantis have flaws too. But in the recent past, we voters have been given choices like Bush/Gore, then Kerry; Obama/McCain, then Romney. Isn’t it a little more hopeful to think we could have RFK versus Trump or DeSantis?

    Otherwise, abandon all hope ye Republicans & vote for Nikki or Jeb! Please clap.

  2. Joe Johnson

    RFK will never do anything to end the Federal Government/Corporate/Civil Rights encroachments upon our communities.

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