UPDATED (2/23): NEW COLUMN: Rising Republican Rotters To Look Out For


NEW COLUMN, “Rising Republican Rotters To Look Out For,” is now on WND and The Unz Review  and Townhall.com.

It is now a feature on American greatness:


The defining difference between Democrats and Republicans is this:

Republicans live on their political knees. They apologize and expiate for their principles, which are generally not unsound.

Democrats, conversely and admirably, stand tall for their core beliefs, as repugnant as these mostly are.

The Left most certainly didn’t rush forward to condemn the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riffraff, as they looted and killed their way across urban America, last year. Instead, Democrats defended the déclassé, criminal arm of their party. “Riots are the language of the unheard,” they preached, parroting MLK.

What of the trammels of despair that drove the Trump protesters of January 6? Trust too many Republicans—goody two-shoes, teacher’s-pet types all—to trip over one another in order to denounce that ragtag of disorganized renegades, the protesters aforementioned, who already have no chance in hell of receiving due process of law.

Consider Nancy Mace. With the dizzying speed of a whirling dervish, the Republican representative from South Carolina rushed to make a name for herself posing as a heroic “survivor” of January 6.

Following the incident on the Capitol, Mace quickly transformed herself into the young, go-to GOPer on the “hive media,” bad mouthing MAGA folks (to the likes of supercilious Don Lemon, of all people) at every turn, and generally making hay over … well, it was not over the pillaging and killings courtesy of the criminal class, acting now as the armed wing of the Democratic Party.

Shortly after the incident Democrats are likening to September 11, during a pit-stop on Fox News with the forgiving Martha MacCallum, miss congeniality attempted to redeem herself as a “constitutional conservative.”

Oh, and how Ms. Mace had suffered. You don’t know the half of it.

Having joined the Democrats in peddling her “harrowing” experience during the January 6 incident, Mace, a middle-class young woman, proceeded to use lefty language for political leverage, to describe her familial situation. For the purpose of self-aggrandizement and drama, Nancy kept calling herself a “single mother.”

A single mother is a term the Left, and now the thoroughly co-opted Right, has adopted to glorify unmarried mothers and fatherless “families.” It was meant to excise the father from the picture and undermine the nuclear family.

NEW COLUMN is “Rising Republican Rotters To Look Out For.” Read it on WND, The Unz Review , Townhall.com AND on American greatness.

UPDATED (2/23):

Conservatives, like most Americans, have a short memory when it comes to bedrock principles. Duly, I dealt with Nancy Mace and her lefty “single mother” claim in this week’s column:

This writer objected quite politely in this piece:


2 thoughts on “UPDATED (2/23): NEW COLUMN: Rising Republican Rotters To Look Out For

  1. Darrell Freeman

    Terrific, on the mark as usual. Unfortunately, I must also add several members of the Arkansas delegation to Congress. Most of all our very own major disappointment, Tom Cotton. Thank you Ilana Mercer for a continuing voice of clarity in the daily insanity.

  2. Tom Kratman

    I knew her father in the Army. He was my battalion commander, when I was a lieutenant, in 81 and 82. He remains my moral guidepost in the sense that, whenever I had a moral dilemma, I simply asked myself, “What would James Emory Mace do?” And then did the opposite. This approach has never yet failed me, as he was, without doubt, the least principled, most self-serving, least honest, most corrupt officer I have ever met. I don’t believe I ever met an officer more deserving of court-martial than he was.

    And the acorn doesn’t fall very far from the oak.

    (Why am I not afraid of him suing me for libel? Because, in the first place, truth is a defense, and, in the second, I know a _lot_ more about him than this.)

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