UPDATED (5/7/021): Prager University’s Propositional-Nation Creed

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“Race and ethnicity have defined every nation on earth, except one: The United States of America. It is defined by values.”—PragerU

Prager U, here, articulates the propositional-nation perspective, propounded by the neoconservatives and neoliberals. It is a false creed.

So how is the US doing as a nation united by “values” upon which nobody can agree? As well as a Walmart with missiles can do. We shop and we war, with others and among ourselves.

Notice the Schadenfreude tinged with a sense of American superiority with respect to the Europeans.

To her credit, France has no institutionalized multiculturalism. Integrating individuals, not communities, is how the French have approached their émigré population. They say their republican values proscribe affirmative action. But since America’s republican values haven’t hindered racist quotas here, says our neoconservative troika, the French should get with The Program.


Oh, by the way, which “nation” has held onto its historic monuments, America or the “cheese-eating surrender monkeys”?

President Emmanuel Macron evinced the resolve the Anglo-American surrender monkeys are too feeble to feel, much less display:
Said Macron, “The [French] republic will not erase any trace, or any name, from its history … it will not take down any statue.”
Bravo, Monsieur Macron.


UPDATES (5/7/021):

Charlie Kirk swear allegiance to propositionalism.


One thought on “UPDATED (5/7/021): Prager University’s Propositional-Nation Creed

  1. Musil Protege

    I like cheese in many of its many savory varieties, and note that “recent studies” have found that cheese is much better for our nutrition than previous recent studies found it to be. In reporting on these latest findings, Tucker Carlson brought on his show a living monument (at least in Wisconsin) to intrepidity and endurance that great (Mississippi-born) Franco-American Brett Favre, as l’avocat de fromage.

    As for the rest of that epithet of recent decades, so popular among the Fox News cliche-spouting legions, I’d have to say that our own drone strike warriors maybe pale a little bit in comparison to the two millennia (and counting) martial history of the Gauls and the Franks and the Normans (all of whom I’m sure liked a good Brie or Camembert) and the leaders like Charles DeGaulle, who had the resolve to give up on Imperial dreams and cede back Algeria in the face of however many assassination attempts the Jackals could formulate, without shrinking from public exposure. Now, you can say they threw in the towel a little early in 1940, but after enduring 150 years that started with the French Revolution, and included the Napoleonic Wars, the barricades, the French Commune, the Prussians, the to-ing and fro-ing of Alsace-Lorraine, Verdun and the Somme, well you might find yourself a little worn out and undermanned by the time of the Blitzkrieg yourself. How would America’s safe-space-addicted snowflakes deal with having, not the Atlantic Ocean, but the German nation as its next door neighbor to the East? Hell, as someone who identifies himself with the American Right, I’d trade the whole lot of Conservatism Inc. for Marine Le Pen and Marion Marechal. Right now.

    As for M. Macron, my expectations at the time of his election were zilch, but he has surprised me a few times, and I’m glad you took time to salute him. He should be encouraged, as anyone should be, when they are so clearly right on an issue of heritage and memory. How well will America stack up to the French after 2,000 years? To ask the question is ridiculous to the point of absurdity. Will we even still have a union five years from now, on the 250th anniversary of the founding? I’m tempted to think not, and not sure whether that would be such a bad thing, if we didn’t.

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