NEW COLUMN: ‘Systemic Racism’ Or Systemic Rubbish?

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THE NEW COLUMN is “Systemic Racism Or Systemic Rubbish?” It was featured first on It is also on WND.COM, the Unz Review and American Renaissance.

On Sunday, you can read it on the great American Greatness.

The column is first in a series of three. Excerpt:

The “systemic racism” refrain is a meaningless abstraction.

Operationalize the nebulous abstraction that is “systemic racism,” or get out of my face!

To concretize a variable, it must be cast in empirical, measurable terms–the opaque “racism” abstraction being one variable (to use statistical nomenclature).

Until you have meticulously applied research methodology to statistically operationalize this inchoate thing called “racism”—systemic or other—it remains nothing but thought crime:

Impolite and impolitic thoughts, spoken, written or preached.

Thought crimes are nobody’s business in a free society. (By logical extension, America is not a free society.)

The law already mandates that people of all races be treated equally under its protection. The law, then, is not the problem, logic is. In particular, the logical error of reasoning backward.

“Backward reasoning, expounded by mystery author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle through his famous fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes,” writes Dr. Thomas Young, “applies with reasonable certainty when only one plausible explanation for the … evidence exists.”

Systemic racism is most certainly not “the only plausible explanation” for the lag in the fortunes of African-Americans, although, as it stands, systemic racism is inferred solely from one single fact: In aggregate, African-Americans trail behind whites in assorted academic and socio-economic indices and achievements.

This logical error is the central tenet of preferential treatment—affirmative action, and assorted quotas and set-aside edicts and policies.

According to diversity doxology, justice is achieved only when racial and ethnic groups are reflected in academia and in the professions in proportion to their presence in the larger population. On indices of economic well-being, the same egalitarian outcomes are expected.

Equalizing individual and inter-group outcomes, however, is an impossibility, considering that it is axiomatically and self-evidently true to say that such differences have existed since the dawn of time. …

… THE REST: “Systemic Racism Or Systemic Rubbish?“, on, WND.COM, the Unz Review and American Renaissance.

On Sunday, you can read it on the great American Greatness.

American Greatness, where I do verbal swordplay for civilization, is the best, cutting edge, paleoconservative webzine. Julie Ponzi, its skilled, bold editor, harnesses and enhances the best talent our side has for the battle of ideas ahead.

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UPDATED (8/7/020):

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3 thoughts on “NEW COLUMN: ‘Systemic Racism’ Or Systemic Rubbish?

  1. Vladdi

    This recently-developed, slanderous liberal trope of “Systemic (White) Racism!” posits a communist need to enforce an equality of outcome, allegedly because true equality of opportunity was denied by racial prejudice.

    But when the only systemic ‘racism’ to be found is an inherently biological one, no amount of social justice force of law can ever correct it!

  2. Kepha

    Well, try this. On occasion, Leftists have told me that the Marxist-Leninist experiment failed because Russia and China were “backwards” countries. In short, it’s the fault of the Slavic Uentermensch and Primitive Asiatic–or, the exodus of Cuba’s middle class (looted to their underclothes in any event) left poor Fidel and Che with nothing but the black and mulatto masses. Never mind that the first Cuban immigrant you ever saw berating a lily-white radical for admirer the bandit-in-chief had what many Americans might’ve once called “more than one lick of the tarbrush”. Yet, these same Leftists accuse the rest of us of racism at every turn.

  3. Dan Patterson

    Vladdi in comments made an excellent point and got to it before I did. We are not all the same and to believe differing circumstances are caused by a bias toward or against another is to believe in the green cheese theory of moon construction.

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