NEW COLUMN (Updated: 12/23): The D-Bomb, Realpolitik, Zelensky’s Self-Serving ‘Heroics’ & What ‘Mixed-Race’ Really Means

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Zelensky is a kept man, his flesh softer than sin under the khaki costume ~ilana

NEW COLUMN is “The D-Bomb, Realpolitik, Zelensky’s Self-Serving ‘Heroics’ & What ‘Mixed-Race’ Really Means.” It’s currently on WND.COM, The Unz Review and The New American, on

What ‘Mixed-Race’ Really Means” is part of the unabbreviated column, only on The Unz Review, and now easiest read in full on


Broadly speaking, anyone (other than white South Africans) can claim “credible fear” at the US south-western border, and must, by law, be given safe passage. That, combined with family unification policies—one legal, third-world immigrant brings in a tribe—and birthright citizenship, a legal aberration not practiced by any serious country in the world, have made population replacement in the United States a fait accompli, a done deal.

Indisposed to idle optimism, your columnist refuses to dish anything but reality about the future of the United States from the vantage point of immigration. The demographic tipping point has arrived, by which I mean that America’s annual intake of legal and illegal immigrants, coupled with immigration law, for which the Uniparty is responsible, account for the exponential nature of this top-down scheme to swamp America.

Millions of invaders are invited in annually, to take up residence in a country in which they will be inculcated into a militant anti-white culture; taught to hate their hosts in the purplest of ways. The statist scandal has been underway for decades now.

In all, be realistically pessimistic, America, but do not despair. For your optimism, look to localism. As hard as this is, individuals who’re politically and philosophically aligned must endeavor to congregate in small communities of the like-minded. Create we must our own immutable reality on the ground to counter theirs. …

… Another late, more meaningful, awakening has come from Dr. Henry Kissinger. The famous originator of realpolitik in diplomacy finally piped up in favor of “achieving peace through negotiation” between Ukraine and Russia. Kissinger reminded his neocon readership at The Spectator, alas belatedly and all-too timidly, that “Russia has made decisive contributions to the global equilibrium and to the balance of power for over half a millennium. Its historical role should not be degraded.” He “recommended establishing a ceasefire line along the borders existing where the war started…”

Well before its originator, your columnist was first to revive the realpolitik concept in the context of Ukraine. If the invasion of Ukraine commenced on February, 24, 2022; then March 3, 2022 saw yours truly writing the following in “Uncle Sam Still King Of All Invaders: Ukraine, Realpolitik And The West’s Failure“: …

READ THE REST. “The D-Bomb, Realpolitik, Zelensky’s Self-Serving ‘Heroics’ is currently on WND.COM, The Unz Review and The New American, on

UPDATE (12/23):

Writes an Unz Review reader:

I looked up GOAT: Greatest Of All Time.

This is a relatively popular expression you might hear in everyday, face-to-face conversation.
…GOAT is an acronym typically used to describe something or someone as the absolute best in its league or category

One thought on “NEW COLUMN (Updated: 12/23): The D-Bomb, Realpolitik, Zelensky’s Self-Serving ‘Heroics’ & What ‘Mixed-Race’ Really Means

  1. chuck lowe

    This informative article is a much needed dose of reality in the face of the usual, Congressional clapping-chauvinistic agitprop from the MSM. What is worse, is the rah rah B.S. from guys like this at Red State which is supposed to be unencumbered with the usual garden variety, run of the mill lies that most Americans buy into from the Main Stream Media. This guy is so awful.

    In conjunction with the map above here is a list of where Washington D.C. “planted flags” and wreaked havoc on foreign soil that diminished us as a nation, expended middle class blood and treasure in securing power and money for our ruling class.

    The 75 year history of lies, deceit, agitprop and propaganda that have seen us send our kids home in body bags, or, through Walter Reed, sans their appendages for a fantasy and a trick of fame, is a disgrace that seems to never end.

    Make no mistake about it, from the bodies of every dead man woman and child, Ukrainian and Russian that are stacked like firewood in the streets, exsanguinating into the gutters, there is a straight line reference to our Intelligence Agencies, our State Department, our government and the corrupt, venal, obscene politicians who manipulate the American electorate and murder foreigners for profit.

    The pretense that Ukraine is a democracy is preposterous. It is now and has been, a U.S. taxpayer laundering scheme concocted by gangsters in Washington D.C. (Most notably, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Pelosi, Romney and of course the Clintons and the Bidens.), who have bled the country dry by diverting that same tax payer money into No Show jobs, PAC organizations and various and sundry “pay for play” schemes that enriched our elites, devastated our middle class and murdered the unfortunate foreigners who were shoved into the American foreign policy wood chipper.

    This is just another, “Gulf of Tolkin”, “Weapons of Mass Destruction” lie that is fed to the world in order to make bank on the backs of the dead.

    We are not as evil as Hitler, Stalin and Mao at this point, but, we are certainly approaching Pol Pot territory.

    Respectfully, with your permission, I ask, what is to be done?

    The “Intelligence” Agencies that assassinated the Kennedys, now turns it’s murderous eyes to us. “Domestic Terrorists’ who will not buy into the lies anymore.

    Mao said that “Power stems from the end of a gun barrel”. This is EXACTLY how our “Intelligence” Agencies operate. There is no rule of law, no Constitution and the rules of engagement are at the whim and caprice of beadles like Alexander Vindman. You have no rights, no recourse, no redress.

    This is tyranny and at this point, all Americans should know, anything, ANYTHING they do to resist, no matter what, is moral, ethical and yes, you are on the side of the angels.

    Bio Weapons, Digital Currency, Vaccination passports, the actual end of the 1st and 2nd Amendments is evidence of the inexorable, undeniable total and complete control over our lives by these traitors and tyrants.

    Nothing is off of the table for them and nothing is off of the table for you.

    God Bless.

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