NEW PODCAST: Hamas, Israel And The Anatomy Of State Treason

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HARD TRUTH’s Hamas, Israel And The Anatomy Of State Treason,” with David Vance and ilana mercer deconstructs Hamas’s low-tech invasion into southern Israel and the massacre of hundreds of its civilians. Witnessed in Israel on October 7 was the forsaking by the State of its most elementary—and only—obligations to the citizenry: Defend their natural rights to life, liberty and property.

In a perspective like no other; HARD TRUTH—the episode titled Hamas, Israel And The Anatomy Of State Treason“—examines the complete failure of the Israeli State apparatus, the IDF and intelligence community being the face of the State. We anatomize the backdrop to Hamas’ pogrom, including the geopolitical and domestic forces at play, as well as the fraught history of the Gaza strip. Ilana lived through the 1967 and 1973 wars in Israel; David through the IRA terrorist onslaughts in Ireland. Our hearts ache for victims of barbarians wherever they are. Nevertheless, examine we must the “ethics” of collective punishment by the State.

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2 thoughts on “NEW PODCAST: Hamas, Israel And The Anatomy Of State Treason

  1. Ilana Mercer Post author

    Oh, I have.

    Indeed. My post on Twitter:

    ‘Reparations is collective punishment’ ~ilana

    ‘Robert F. Kennedy Jr., just lost the support of reactionary rightists, paleolibertarians, like myself.’

    Bye-bye, RFKJr, Esquire. Giant mistake. ‘How About Intra-Racial Reparations’ ~ilana

    ‘Should not the relatives of cannibals who gobbled up their black brethren be held to the same standards? Pay-up’? ~ilana

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