UPDATED (1/7/022): NEW. WATCH: Deplorables, Cancel The January 6 PSYOP!

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WATCH: “Deplorables, Cancel The January 6 PSYOP!

The anniversary of January 6 is upon us. In deranged Democrat nomenclature, “It was an insurrection”—apparently the deadliest in U.S. history. To their disgrace, Jan. 6 is indeed the Democrat’s 9/11.

Deplorables should rejoice, because the Democrats are having a fit. Rejoice, but don’t partake in or dignify the production. Ignore Jan. 6 as you would “spam for penis extensions.”

Stay away from the force-field of evil that is the Democrats’ Jan. 6 Psychological Operation (PSYOP). Much like the Russia hoax, which was a plot to unseat a president; the Jan. 6 monomania is meant to overthrow a people, MAGA America.

WATCH: “Deplorables, Cancel The January 6 PSYOP!

UPDATE (1/7/022): Happy birthday, mommy. Ignore the January Sixers.

3 thoughts on “UPDATED (1/7/022): NEW. WATCH: Deplorables, Cancel The January 6 PSYOP!

  1. Nicholas

    I have witnessed up close how people can become suddenly seized by phantoms with such compelling force that it is wholly appropriate to speak of ideological possession. No attempt at rational discourse will avail you of their native sense, nor dislodge any certainty from the well-worn ideological groove in their brain; and as soon as one fantastical construct releases its grip on a subject, another quickly descends to assume the vacancy. It is as though the subject has no personal memory of the episode—self-reflection or even mild embarrassment remains ever always in the penumbra of their consciousness, precisely where it is least useful.

    The occasion of this minor eruption at the Capitol and the histrionics which it provoked from our ruling elite again recalls a topic of abiding relevance: the weaponization of therapeutic language against one’s enemies. A whole generation of the professional-managerial class has been expertly trained to convert emotional fragility (dressed up in the jargon of ‘trauma,’ ‘safety,’ and ‘self-care’) into social and political capital. I don’t attribute the necessary good faith that a single one of our media talking heads or political ‘leaders’ is genuine in recollecting their experiences of that afternoon; but there is a cynical genius in advertising vulnerability, given how therapeutic narcissism is basically the civic religion of contemporary America.

  2. Nicholas

    Well, there you go! You said it all much more succinctly than I could have. You rightly identify the feedback loop between conventional war propaganda and the media misinformation produced for domestic purposes; to a very real extent each form of propaganda necessarily incorporates the tactics of the other until they are nearly indistinguishable. And as you aver, this bodes ill for the future of both civil and international peace.

    I’m hardly the first to point this out, but precisely this CIA playbook of regime change and color revolutions which was perfected abroad has now been reenacted at home. What we’ve observed in the past several years can only be described as a (preemptive) ruling-class coup against the constitutional government. Unfortunately, I think the time for productively intervening in this process has long since passed.

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