NEW COLUMN: Deplorables, Cancel The January 6 PSYOP!

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NEW COLUMN is “Deplorables, Cancel The January 6 PSYOP!” It is currently featured on WND.COM, and The Unz Review.

A short except:

The anniversary of January 6 is upon us. In deranged Democrat nomenclature, “It was an insurrection”—apparently the deadliest in U.S. history. To their disgrace, Jan. 6 has indeed become the Democrat’s 9/11.

Deplorables should rejoice for the Democrats are having a fit, and that’s fun. Rejoice, but do not partake in or dignify the production. Ignore Jan. 6 as you would “spam for penis extensions.”

Stay away from the force-field of evil that is the Democrats’ Jan. 6 Psychological Operation (PSYOP). Much like the Russia hoax—it was a plot to unseat a president—the Jan. 6 monomania is meant to overthrow a people, MAGA America. …

… If Democrats can defend their rioters, the Republican Party must represent theirs and secure them their Constitutional due-process rights still denied.

Above all, MAGA America must cancel Jan. 6; consider it a civilian Psychological Operation intended to “induce” and “reinforce behavior” meant to politically and psychologically pulverize the Democrats’ enemies: us. …

For now, read Deplorables, Cancel The January 6 PSYOP!” on WND.COM, or The Unz Review.

2 thoughts on “NEW COLUMN: Deplorables, Cancel The January 6 PSYOP!

  1. Ann Wendy

    Thank you Ilana once again for a brilliant analysis showing your reader in Holland, Europe the sinister
    method of the Democratic party of tearing the citizens of the USA asunder by staging a macabre, overly
    sentimental staging of an event that should have been put into a judicial framework and forgotten forthwith. It was an exaggerated and foolish attempt to beguile the American public. Hopefully the public will use good judgement and reject this manipulation.

  2. Ilana Mercer Post author

    Succinctly put, especially your “judicial framework” and “overly sentimental” to-the-point observations: I can just imagine what the staid Dutch think of the hysterically emotional pitch in America.

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