Of Course Their Race Counts; It Got Them Killed



WRONG, Tucker Carlson: A homeless man didn’t randomly kill a boy, as you had stated.  The slaughter of Ryan Rogers was not “a completely random act,” coward Florida cop. Semmie Williams, black, stabbed Ryan’s white face repeatedly to, very simply, obliterate it.

For every hate crime unidentified making its way into the news under a phony guise, there are countless, daily, black-on-white beatings and acts of bullying in public spaces.

In October alone, there were “32 black-on-white homicides, including five home invasions,” as chronicled on The Unz Review.

Institutionalized rot means that the feral folks have been put in charge, empowered to say and do as they feel. They are fearless. They want to smash all faces that aren’t like theirs. And they’ve been given institutional imprimatur to act out on their envy and hate. A combination of low inhibitions and license to kill has resulted in scenes like these across the country.

This comes courtesy of Ziggs on Odysee:

Then there are the parents. Likely race-related, the murder of this typical innocent do-gooder, Ethan Williams, was masked by media and law enforcement  as a “stray bullet.”

Kids like Ethan are sent into the world wide-eyed and filled with only wonderment. (Read “Sacrificing Kids To PC Pietism,” 2011.) Nary a warning are they issued as to the reality of crime in America—and beyond. Parents are instrumental in these tragic events, having never given their kids “The Talk,” as John Derbyshire called it.

As a neighborhood in which to bunk down, Ethan Williams chose Bushwick, in New York City. Bushwick is known as dangerously and diversely hip. Was this reckless decision not made against the background of a lifelong familial support and backing for such displays of hipness and “openness”?

Pater says the kid was all about “poverty and violence” and “mission work in Rwanda” (as opposed in white, impoverish Appalachia).

Writes his proud father, who seems to have helped cement this delusional, progressive-Christian ideation in his kid’s mind:

Police believe our son’s killer mistook him and his friends for rival gang members. [Yeah, right]. They were instead just a group of Midwestern boys on their first trip to see “the greatest city in the world.” If he had been given the chance, without question Ethan would have embraced his would-be killer, asked his name and hung out on those same steps with him swapping stories deep into the night.


6 thoughts on “Of Course Their Race Counts; It Got Them Killed

  1. Horatio

    Why anyone who’s white and sane would NOT live in:

    1 – A blue state or city;
    2 – A city with a majority minority population, or;
    3 – A city where the black population is greater than the percentage of blacks in the US

    Is totally beyond me, and a sign of insanity

  2. Nicholas

    As a 90s kid who was raised to believe in—and in my heart of hearts still yearns for—a colorblind society that honors personal merit and virtue over narrow group egoism and tribal ressentiment, the past few years has been nothing short of a shocking realization that, peering beneath the fraying, tattered social fabric, the face of contemporary America is twisted and ugly. And as condemnable as the bestial behavior on display is, it is but one of the many symptoms manifesting an advanced state of urban degeneration: the moral abdication of the elite has encouraged this violence, but the sources of such a dysfunctional culture lie deeper still. But I am not at liberty to speculate further about a segment of the population at which I have mercifully kept my distance so far.

    I really should pick up a copy of ‘Cannibal’s Pot’ soon. Even accounting for widely divergent social and political condition: Does your experience in South Africa speak to the present moment at all?

    This is not the country I thought I grew up in; it’s certainly not the country I want to raise a family in.

  3. Joe Johnson

    It’s all apart of what Dr. Clyde Wilson describes as the yankee problem.

  4. Frans

    In October alone, there were “32 black-on-white homicides, including five home invasions,” as chronicled on The Unz Review. This should be blasted from every media outlet in the land and told over and over and over again until people wake up!

  5. Ilana Mercer Post author

    You haven’t read Cannibal? It speaks directly to the parallels between South Africa and America. A must read.

  6. Anonymous

    Just because they have melanin doesn’t mean it’s an FBA’S. That’s not our thing. Maybe the mental ones.

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