Update IV: Pretty Please: A Nobel Peace Prize For My Parrot

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Joy! We awoke to some comedic relief this morning: President Obama joined Yasser Arafat and Al Gore in the pantheon of Nobel Peace-Prize recipients. Arafat got the coveted award for his pioneering work on the imploding homicidal human; Gore for inventing Climagedon. (No, the Internet was invented by the US Defense Department. Really.)

I nominate another worthy homie, my little leprechaun of a parrot, T. Cup. I so named him becasue he too is a homie, born into an era when teaching homie heritage and pride are essential. (Hatch date: April 15, 2009.)

Although T. Cup is a hand-raised American Poicephalus, his ancestors hail from Senegal (there might even be some oppression involved there; I’ll leave it up to readers to apprise me of the “history from below”). T. Cup, my little homie, is a small “concentrated parrot”—that is with the huge parrot Ego.

Most important: T. Cup’s little dexterous and dainty claws have never drawn blood (Some Other Homie We Know has blood on his hands—and keep boys dying in backward places where no respectable parrot would hang out).

T. Cup’s ambition: to quell the gang wars in LA, when he is big, that is.

Update I: Well, T. Cup deserves the Nobel Prize for his noble aspirations (and for his humble homie beginnings). Was that not the reason Obama was given a prize? For what he may do in the future for world peace. Not on any objective evidence can it be claimed that he has done anything for world peace so far.

Obama is on the verge of making the Afghanistan war even more intractable. In Iraq nothing much has changed since Bush left office. I am unaware of anything but presidential good intentions with respect to nuclear disarmament.

And frankly Obama ought to have said, “Thanks, but no thanks; there are more deserving people than me.” But he greedily grabbed the undeserved honor. Is bling for the mantle place so hard to resist?

In a way, this undeserved recognition might just stop the World’s Prince of Peace from escalating wars, which he is in the process of doing. On the other hand, if the schedule of incentives and disincentives during a person’s life has taught him that whatever he chooses to do will not affect his Golden-Boy status—then the margin for a learning curve is rather small.

The unwarranted award is also, apparently, for walking humbly with Muslims and calling Islam a peaceful religion. Hey, Bush did that well before Barack, before it became fashionable. Not fair.

Update II: Michelle Malkin rounds up the responses. Right or Left; they are all incredulous.

Update III (Oct. 10): THIN GRUEL. What the Norwegian Nobel Committee said: Obama made “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and co-operation between peoples”; he changed “the international climate” and made a noise about “his cherished goal of ridding the world of nuclear weapons.”

“Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world’s attention and given its people hope for a better future,” the committee added.

Where does one begin? A new Dark Ages has decended. The culture reflects and exalts emotional extremes, lack of inhibitions, exhibitionism and assorted grotesquerie: From “Gay” pride to transexualism to fetishisms to Obamaism (a kind of Onanism).

The periods during which Jews would become light in the head and take off after false messiahs were considered dark times in the nation’s history. Now darkness has descended on the world. Mass contagion is everywhere.

Update IV (Oct. 10): Via George Stephanopoulos (“Courtesy of conservative activist Keith Appell):

Barack Obama’s Teleprompter: Big Guy says Bill Clinton called and was gracious in defeat; offered to fly Kanye West over 4 the Nobel awards ceremony.

Erick Erickson: Obama is becoming Jimmy Carter faster than Jimmy Carter became Jimmy Carter.

Ana Marie Cox: Apparently Nobel prizes now being awarded to anyone who is not George Bush.

Headline over AP analysis by White House correspondent Jennifer Loven: He Won, But For What?

Kathryn Jean Lopez, National Review: I want to buy the world a coke.

Ezra Klein: Obama also awarded Nobel prize in chemistry. “He’s just got great chemistry,” says Nobel Committee.

Adam Bromberg, CRC: Nobel Prize Committee must be staffed by out of work comedy writers.

Kristina Hernandez, CRC: It was the Beer Summit that put Obama over the edge.

19 thoughts on “Update IV: Pretty Please: A Nobel Peace Prize For My Parrot

  1. Michel Cloutier

    Obama barely meets the minimum standards of ‘blackness’, so I’m again ticked off at hearing of another ‘black person’ getting a Nobel Peace Prize

    I see him as America’s Gorbatchev, a ‘hip’, popular politician promising real change. Well, Gorbatchev sure delivered you could say, presiding over the dissolution of the USSR. In a similar vein, Obama’s legacy will be the end of America’s role as a global superpower.


  2. M. B. Moon

    ‘T. Cup, my little homie, is a small “concentrated parrot”—that is with the huge parrot Ego.’ Ilana

    It tickles me that my baby brother gets offended because his girl friend’s cockatoo tries to dominate him. I love that brave bird.

    Yea, maybe they are trying to put Obama on the spot. What is with the man anyway? Is he afraid of armchair warriors?

    Tell the armchair warriors to enlist. Are you spineless?

  3. Barbara Grant

    I have a lovely American bobtail cat named Cubby, who might compete with your dear parrot, Ilana, for the Nobel Society’s highest prize.

    Seriously and very unfortunately (for BHO) this is such a sham. Nominations closed…about 2 weeks into his term as U. S. President, well before he might have “achieved” anything. I do hope that Americans will now see the Nobel “Peace Prize” for what it is…a “nod” to an individual with “star power,” regardless of achievement. It is just celebrity politics, nothing else.

  4. Gringo Malo

    Henry Kissinger got the NPP in 1973 for his part in negotiating the bogus treaty that served as a figleaf for the U.S. abandonment of South Vietnam. (Le Duc Tho on the North Vietnamese side declined his share of the prize, saying he’d accept it when there was peace.) I haven’t the foggiest notion of what Obama might have done, unless it’s just another affirmative action thing.

    So yeah, why shouldn’t your parrot get an NPP? My Irish Setter’s got dibs on it the year after, though. His frantic barking promotes peace in my community by frightening off pesky door-to-door salesmen.

  5. Dan

    It just goes to show that a personality cult is not limited by a nation’s borders. Just wondering if he’ll bow to King Harald V?

  6. Robert Glisson

    I would assume that You registered the little fella with the APS. [?] I enjoyed the picture. [I’ll post photos of TC soon; the little charmer is still acclimatizing.] We had a parakeet once. Finger biter for most of us, but when dad came home, she had to get out of the cage,flew to his shoulder and gave him a nip on the ear in love, stayed there until bedtime.
    In regard to our president getting his award for the peace he’s going to bring, should we be surprised? Naw, the worlds an asylum and the inmates are in charge. Sister Tressa is still alone.

  7. haym

    My vote goes to Pamela Anderson. She has quelled the savage tendencies of millions of men and therefore – so far – done more for peace. (Is that the Nobel Piece Prize?)

  8. Michael DeLoatch

    Here’s what I did for world peace in my life, tangentially touching on domesticated avians. My mom is now retired from nursing in a hospital in a small town. She made lots of friends of her patients. One nice lady who grew gravely ill left her pet cockateel to my mom. My mom decided to bring this very sweet bird to my house and give it to my daughters, who were then both thirteenish. I also have sons who were toddlers at the time. The bird had been in our home about 10 days when we all came down with (avian?) flu. I was lying in bed with a raging fever, when I suddenly heard terrible noises coming from the living room. I jumped up and ran to find my daughter hysterically crying “Petey, Petey” as the poor bird lay jerking in death throes on the floor. It had happened that my son had opened the cage while his sister slept. Our stupid dalmatian got a hold of the poor little bird and killed it right before my little girl’s waking eyes. It was like a scene from hell, and a primal rage stirred in me viscerally. I grabbed a broom and started chasing the dog around the house wacking it, finally ending up in the back yard cursing it and beating it with feverish, enraged alacrity.
    Well, I didn’t notice at the time even as I presently calmed down and spared the dog’s life after all — but the neighborhood gossip got back to me. Our neighbors had a little French exchange student at their home who had witnessed my violence from the adjoining backyard. I can only imagine what stories were told about the American redneck back in France who beat his dog with a broom stick, right at the height of the Iraq war build up, come to think of it. I don’t know why this story popped into my head in connection with Chairman O’s latest trinket and Ilana’s bird nomination. I’m ashamed of what I did that day, and immediately realized the real urgency was to console my daughter. Yet somehow it seems like a good little parable for our current world climate…

    [Dogs are dumb horrible creatures, slobbering and slavish, fit for the collectivist. Most owners are even worse (not you) for not placing them outdoors in kennels, where they belong, and teaching them to watch over the house or herd sheep. A working dog is the only good dog. But I don’t want to begin a battle over the most intelligent, individualistic, sensitive companion to man. As one parrot expert wrote, “These sentient beings are smarter than your next door neighbor.” The fact that almost all the Idiocracy owns a dog, tells you all you need to know. You poor man; my cockateel who died many years ago spoke Portuguese, and would greet me, “Buru Bonita”: “Hello beautiful.” When my daughter was born he went into a depression. Thanks for sharing a heartbreaking story. You did good.]

  9. Robert Glisson

    APS- American Parrot Society. I have two dogs, both topping 80 pounds, anybody that wants to come in while I’m gone is welcome to feed them supper. Duke is very intelligent, whereas Abby would be a good companion for Ivan. [LOL] I will be nice about parrots, and enjoy my idoicracy with my buds, thank you.

    [Well it sounds like you treat them like dogs; not like humans.]

  10. Jamie

    Forget the Committee’s motivations for the award or Obama’s worthiness; this is largely irrelevant. The most troubling thing about the president is despite his purported superior intellect, he seems completely ignorant of the metagame being played around him.

    For instance, going to Copenhagen to stump for the Olympics was clearly a trap. If Chicago had won the games, the inevitable cost overruns and corruption endemic to that city would have handed his opponents a valuable weapon to use against him. Of course Chicago was denied and he came home with egg on his face. There is a reason previous presidents on both sides of the aisle have declined to stump for the Olympics in person – it’s a catch-22, a no-win situation. Someone with an 75 IQ could realize this.

    Now he is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The intelligent choice, the ONLY choice for a sitting president is to decline the award. Accepting it is only going to create massive expectations at home and around the world that no one could possibly meet. He could have won massive amounts of respect and kept his hands untied by respectfully declining the award. Yet his massive ego has him sticking his head right in the hangman’s noose.

    There are only a few conclusions to draw: 1)The president is not the genius we think he is [that’s a no-brainer] 2) He is a supreme narcissist, or (Darwin help us) 3) A combination of the two.

  11. M. B. Moon

    “…(Darwin help us)…” Jamie

    What part of random mutation plus natural selection sounds like it might be helpful?

    “Oh Great Impersonal Natural Selection, please be merciful to these unworthy genes so that we may reproduce after our kind.”

    When pride comes, then comes dishonor,
    But with the humble is wisdom.
    Proverbs 11:2

    Yes, I know you were being very ironic. But it would not surprise me to see Darwin worship take off, thus proving that the religious impulse of mankind cannot be suppressed even when completely idiotic.

  12. David Smith

    My first reaction to this announcement was dazed confusion and contempt. Upon further reflection, however, I realize this confers far more importance to this prize and the committee that bestowed it. The word “irrelevant” is much more appropriate.

  13. Myron Pauli

    Obama MEANS peace … and hope … and change … and love. The Peace Prize itself should be named the Obama Prize. Obamakind (formerly “mankind”) shall speak the new Universal language, Obamese.
    One no longer will CHANGE lanes when driving but will OBAMA lanes….

    And the Obama prayer, (formerly “the Lord’s prayer) shall read:

    Obama, which art Obama, Obama be Obama;
    Obama come; Obama be done, Obama as Obama.
    Obama this day Obama.
    And forgive us Republicanism, as we forgive Republicans.
    And lead us not into Bushism; but deliver us from Bush.
    For Obama art Obama, Obama, and Obama forever and ever

    And all of Obamakind shall say it in unison and achieve a collective Obamagasm.

    For in the beginning, Obama created Barack and Michelle – and it was Obama!

    Obama be onto you!

  14. George Pal

    With so many “awards” around, there is bound to be a shortage of the “accomplished”. [lovely!] Considering the likes of past prize winners; Rigoberta Menchu, Yasser Arafat, Al Gore, and now Obama, “aspirations” is still aiming too high. As it’s playing out, the trend suggests the only criteria for future Nobel Peace Prize winners is… charlatan.

  15. Roger Chaillet

    He’s still an empty black suit.

    But I repeat myself.

  16. Andy

    This talk of parrots reminds me of my next door neighbors as a child. They too were from South Africa and I spent many a day chasing their beautiful grandaughter at their house. Their parrot introduced me to a sailors vocabulary at a very young age and some unique Dutch words that I cannot remember at this time.

  17. Mari Tyers

    And the Obama prayer, (formerly “the Lord’s prayer) shall read:

    Obama, which art Obama, Obama be Obama;
    Obama come; Obama be done, Obama as Obama.
    Obama this day Obama.
    And forgive us Republicanism, as we forgive Republicans.
    And lead us not into Bushism; but deliver us from Bush.
    For Obama art Obama, Obama, and Obama forever and ever

    There should be a SouthPark episode about this sometime soon. While not as clever as The Simpsons or even Family Guy, SouthPark is probably the only show politically incorrect enough to make fun of the Obama.

  18. John Danforth

    I agree with Jamie. Now that Obama has accepted this undeserved (and unconstitutional) present from a foreign government, he must either move towards peace or be skewered for hypocrisy, maybe even from his own supporters. So it might not be a bad thing in the end. But more likely it’ll be forgotten, and he’ll skate away without a care.

    I only recently learned anything about birds. What I found out is that they are profoundly sexual beings, and certain of them are lifelong monogamists. I can’t be too nice to the female cockatiel that adopted me, or she’ll be mean to my girlfriend, who raised her from a baby chick 15 years ago. (I guess the bird is a good judge of character.) They are strong-willed and like to dominate any situation.

    [Parrots are not just any bird. Read the literature about them. And yes, they bond so intensely to a person that, if allowed, they will play one owner against the other by making one a favorite.]

    As for dogs, a very few of them have the hearts of lions, and are more manly than most men. Whatever charges you can level against dogs applies to men, too. [Nah; it’s the owners.]

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