UPDATED (8/25): Remember: The UniParty Equals Treason, Always



There is only one single political verity you need to bear in mind, as the TV bobble-heads speak at you about the worthy Republican electoral sweep ahead: The UniParty, and those who carry water for it, equals treason, always.

All you need to know about the depredations on the open, southern border, about inflation, and the scandal of armed IRS agents who, in addition to fleecing you without flinching, are now ready to fire on you, is this:

Fox News is dissembling about the change that is a-coming. Even if the GOP sweeps both chambers and nets the presidency, as it did in 2016, nothing much will change.

The $220 trillion (plus) in unfunded liabilities created under both Democrats and Republicans cannot be reversed. Too huge. The tipping point has been reached vis-a-vis spending and inflation. Besides, and

“Contrary to popular myth,” demurs James Ostrowski, “every Republican president since and including Herbert Hoover has increased the federal government’s size, scope or power—and usually all three. Include regulations and foreign policy, as well as budgets approved by a Republican Congress, and a picture begins to emerge of the Republican Party as a reliable engine of government growth.”

As to promises to “close the border’: Once illegals present at the border—they are never turned back, but are processed and released, a reality that is the legal creation of the UniParty. You can argue all you wish that immigration law does not sanction what’s occurring on the South-Western border, but it is a fact that the Republicans have allowed this practice of the law to prevail, and the GOP conducts itself as if this is de facto law.

Accordingly, any claimant other than a white South African can arrive at that border, do his Les Misérables act, claim to face a “credible fear” back home, get a court date, and then bolt like so many rabbits, to be seen again only at the voting booth, the welfare office, the DMV and at DACA demonstrations. These “credible fear” incomers are also the malcontents holding up signs that read “America is racist.”

Whether this is the case or not in law, Democrats and Republicans alike behave as if the law actually dictates that invaders-cum-“refugees” are to be processed and never expelled, from the USA. That’s all you need to know.

The GOP, when it controlled both chambers and the presidency in 2016, had not voided the “credible fear” standard of open-border immigration, normalized by both parties. It won’t in the future, if past is prologue.

Deficits and national debt will not be reduced under the GOP; only the rate at which they grow will be manipulated by the Uniparty for public consumption.

And not one armed-and-dangerous IRS agent hired by the Dems will ever be fired by GOPers.

Remember: the UniParty = treason

UPDATE (8/25): “Succession” [sic]

Solutions are to be found against and outside of politics, in informal acts of secession.  (Or, “succession” [sic] as Victor Davis Hanson said on August 19 appallingly, on Fox News, at the 4:00 PM slot. Acolytes of the Church of Lincoln struggle to say or pronounce the word secession. CNN’s Don Lemon also says “succession.” Maybe they think it’s from the verb to “succeed.” No, it’s from “secede.” I give up if Hanson can’t speak English.)

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6 thoughts on “UPDATED (8/25): Remember: The UniParty Equals Treason, Always

  1. Joe Johnson

    Remember Ilana Mercer it was republicans, including Rand Paul, who voted for making juneteeth a federal holiday.

  2. Joe Johnson

    It was republicans, including Rand Paul, who voted to make juneteeth a federal holiday.

  3. roberto

    The unaccountable, massive administrative state is the biggest problem. They have taken over the legislative function from congress and run roughshod over our “liberties”.

  4. Ilana Mercer Post author

    Rand Paul? Not surprised. He has zero awareness of things racial. But, please provide a hyperlink to a news report.

  5. Not Convinced

    When I was an idealistic university student, just before ideas became anathema to universities, there were a great many soap box events where the socialist, communists, and democrat cheer leaders handed out pamphlets, spoke into megaphones and had their urchins mingling with passersby. On occasion, if my schedule permitted I would stop and listen and allow the urchins to press into my hand their pamphlets. I actually kept the pamphlets and read them when time permitted. Where were the republican soap box practitioners? Absent on the box but present as hecklers. Later after graduate school I had time to indulge in realpolitik and once again noted the absence, except as hecklers, of republicans. After the longest 2 years of my life blessedly concluded I became only an ardent observer of the political landscape. Where were the republicans? Mingling with senators and representatives of both federal and state, party lookee me’s and financiers who wore the republican badge I kept a look out for conservative republicans. If I spied one it was if my seeing them cast a cloaking device on them for they soon became hidden. All the while the Democrats, with whom I also associated with continued to, not just remain visible but had children. It was then I came to the understanding that the effective difference between a badge wearing republican and a badge wearing democrat was the badge. It has now been a little over two decades since I first realized there was only the Uni Party. Welcome to the con job by the confidence men and women of the Uni Party.

  6. Al Benson Jr.

    ilana is right on the money here. What we have is what she says–a uni-party pretending to be two different parties to fool the unsuspecting. At the leadership level both parties are under the control of the Deep State.

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