UPDATED (11/9/022): Ron DeSantis Is Most Likely To Deliver In … 2024

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Ron DeSantis understands the federal scheme and knows how to pull the levers of power—having faithfully and forcefully done so—for the people

THE BEST LINE from the 2022 midterm campaigns belongs to Arizona GOP Senate nominee Blake Masters:

Send Senator Mark Kelly Back To Space.” (Kelly is the astronaut husband of Gabrielle Giffords. See “Loughner, Language, and The Big Lie,” a column I really like.)

Without listening to any of the other victory speeches—and without a shadow of a doubt, I’ll say that the best victory address is that of Ron DeSantis, who has handily won a second term as Florida’s governor.

Tuesday noon is when David Vance and I pre-record a new segment of our Hard Truth podcast.  Today’s recording, to be published on Thursday, saw David and I discuss Trump’s venal attack on the marvelous Governor DeSantis, during which I pledged my 2024 vote in support of the governor should he run for president.

We discussed Casey DeSantis, the governor’s gorgeous, regal wife, who is nothing like IVANKA and her houseboy, Kushner. Those two will traipse right back into saboteur positions at the White House with Daddy, who has never said no to his dimwit daughter, an assessment I do not need confirmed, but which is amply seconded by some top men, as recounted in “Meet The Kushners: First Couple In-Waiting“:

It’s quite clear that President Trump’s promise to hire only “the best” ought to have begun with firing The Family. Instead, Mr. Kushner‘s national security portfolio has expanded in a manner incommensurate with his skills. It now includes, I believe, China, Mexico, Iraq, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

The same can be said of Ivanka, who was soon briefing the South Korean president on sanctions against North Korea. That Ivanka lacked a permanent security clearance was the least of the country’s worries, given Steve Bannon’s assessment of her cerebral acuity: “as dumb as a brick.”

Alas, political connections ensured that two branding experts beat Braveheart Bannon of the mighty Breitbart.com! “’The Trump presidency that we fought for, and won, is over,” he lamented, in August of 2017.

… “Jarvanka” (the Jared-Ivanka organism) were also said to have orchestrated the ousting of the last of the old MAGA Guard, John Kelly, aforementioned, a most excellent man. Kelly took his role as chief of staff seriously. He was a hardliner who limited Ivanka’s access to Pater.

One of Trump’s superb personnel choices, Kelly’s fate, however, was sealed when he stated how sick-and-tired he was of the first daughter “playing government.” The Goldman-Sachs wing of the White House, commandeered by the Kushners, had always wished him away. So, Kelly got the Choo, too.

Of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, archconservative Heather Mac Donald observed the following: Sessions was “the only member of the Trump administration who was absolutely staunch in speaking up for the right of Americans to determine what the character of their country should be.” It takes a strong woman (Mac Donald) to recognize a scheming one. Heather Mac Donald had recently expressed “‘no confidence’ that the president will stop being advised by his daughter, Ivanka Trump, on the issue of immigration.”

Recorded today, Thursday’s Hard Truth discusses DeSantis’ unique gifts—the man understands the federal scheme and knows how to pull the levers of power—having faithfully and forcefully done so for the people. Such an understanding evades Trump. Moreover, a vote for Trump is a vote for the Jarvanka organism, or familial mutations of it. The family will be back in the House.

UPDATE (11/9/022):

September, 2022, I warned against the Republicans’ dumb, defeatist strategy for winning:

“Amid the collapse of the American civilization, Republicans are most concerned with preserving the enemy’s embryos.” Let Democrat distaff scrape out their wombs.

Midterm results confirm. Democrats, moreover, go for the jugular; Republicans run on controlling the latter’s wombs, on group hugs and economics. Said it all.

3 thoughts on “UPDATED (11/9/022): Ron DeSantis Is Most Likely To Deliver In … 2024

  1. Jonathan B. Horen

    It was a “blow-out” DeSantis victory… FOR GOVERNOR. We didn’t vote for him for president; we voted for him FOR GOVERNOR — to fill a full four-year term, NOT to “go AWOL” in late-2023 and begin campaigning for the 2024 Republican nomination. The RNC needs to find someone else for 2024; come 2028, DeSantis won’t be “forgotten”, “past his sell-by date”, or any other derogatory, dismissive, defeatist label — he’ll be ripe and ready — and we Florida residents will have had the benefit of a full-time, second-term governor… one whom we’ll be pleased to vote for in 2028.

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