NEW COLUMN: Gov. Marvelous: Ron DeSantis Delivers First Principles In Action

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NEW COLUMN is “Gov. Marvelous: Ron DeSantis Delivers First Principles In Action.” It appeared on The New American, The Unz Review, WND.COM, and

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…DeSantis: Principled Pragmatist

In Ron DeSantis we have a man who is acutely aware of the systemic rights violations to which Deplorables are subjected and is attempting to pragmatically govern in accordance with first principles.

Let us recount some of the ways:

When Texas’ Greg Abbott “flat-out banned vaccine requirements; Florida Gov. DeSantis quickly followed suit. Rejecting the jabs-for-jobs deformed public policy, DeSantis vowed to sue the Biden administration. These two governors have been unique in upholding natural, inalienable, individual rights—the right of self-ownership and bodily dominion.

As inoptimal as DeSantis’ “Big Tech” bill was—the governor was the only Republican to have proceeded against Deep Tech in any meaningful way.

The governor was also unique among powerful men to spring into actions on behalf of the Canadian Truckers for Freedom. The Canadian Truckers converged on Ottawa, early in 2022, to reclaim their Charter rights and protest Trudeau’s anti-constitutional Covid-driven apartheid.

GoFundMe is an American crowd-funding site. It had happily collected and distributed funds to detritus like BLM (Black Lives Matter), which, by the most basic of measures, are scum of the earth. Having received $9 million dollars in donations for the Canadian truckers, GoFundMe right away announced it would steal the funds and funnel them to charities of its choosing.

Here was a crime in progress. DeSantis’s response to the GoFundMe cyber-robbery was righteous, principled and proactive. He tweeted:

“It is a fraud for Go-Fund Me to commandeer $9M in donations sent to support truckers and give it to causes of their own choosing. I will work with AG Ashley Moody to investigate these deceptive practices — these donors should be given a refund.” The thieving outfit soon backtracked pursuant to DeSantis’ show of force.

And how is it that only Gov. Ron DeSantis grasps that it’s illegal for state attorneys, whose job description is to uphold the law, to nullify the very law they are paid to enforce?

As the only elected official smart and dedicated enough to grasp and govern in accordance with first principles, DeSantis fired State Attorney Andrew Warren for “effectively nullifying Florida’s criminal law.” Unheard of. The great governor of Florida has also been steadfast in accelerating his pipeline of criminal aliens to the affluent areas of the northeast. …

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2 thoughts on “NEW COLUMN: Gov. Marvelous: Ron DeSantis Delivers First Principles In Action

  1. Juvenal Early

    You hit on the right note, with regard to “levers of power.” Trump, as President, never made the transition from Trump the campaigner. He would fire off an outraged tweet and figure that his job was done. DeSantis, otoh, studies the issue, decides on what the proper outcome should be, based on his (from all I can tell) wonderful principles, and from there he looks at how you reach your goal through the labyrinths of government power. DeSantis seems like a true hope (although, put not your trust in politicians). A right-minded patriot with the skills to negotiate the managerial state.

    Trump’s attacks on Ron DeSanctimonious are sad, but perhaps it’s best that he gets them out now, and all of this can be settled prior to 2024. For the record, I like DeSantis best, but I’d take a deal wherein Trump gets another term & Desantis takes over in ‘28.

    My own take is that Trump could be a hero if he ever did the following: Publicly endorse DeSantis and pledge to work tirelessly for his election. He could be the kingmaker. I doubt that he will do this.

    Thus, we hear rumours that DeSantis, in the interest of party harmony, is content to be governor of a large state, and will not contest 2024. If true, I think that it attests to the man’s wisdom. Run against Trump and win in the primaries, and you might be faced with Trump and the ultra-MAGAs taking their ball and going home, i.e., forming a 3rd party or at least not voting for DeSantis.

    As for Casey DeSantis, be still my heart. Why wouldn’t the local boy made good not want to marry the prettiest girl in town, especially when she’s no dim bulb and embraces the family values the family values Republicans always preach, but so rarely value. Camelot had nothing on Tampa-lot.

    DeSantis in ‘24, …, or ‘28. Whatever.

  2. CH

    Four years ago, DeSantis won a very razor thin victory over Democrat Gillum. Couple months later, Gillum was arrested in a Miami motel room with cocaine and his homosexual lover. Its frightening to think what could have been if the election went sideways.

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