Texas Gov. Greg Abbott MUST Stand His Ground, Uphold Texans’ Natural Rights

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Natural rights antedate the state apparatus. It matters not who restores or upholds authentic negative, individual rights violated—state or federal authority—just so long as someone does.

So, “Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s executive order banning vaccine mandates in the state” is the correct thing to have done.

The entire legal community knows only the positive, state law, and cares nothing for the natural law, meagerly embodied in the Bill of Rights. This is why all “legal experts” are quite pleased to defer to the  Supremacy Clause abomination—it allows the State to subordinate  your natural rights as an American to the UN—in dismissing Abbot’s move.

Abbott’s move puts him at odds with some large corporations and with the Biden administration, which last month announced plans to require all employers with 100 or more workers to adopt vaccine mandates or testing regimens. A number of large private companies in Texas have issued mandates. (WaPo)

Said one “expert”:

…the supremacy clause to the Constitution says that federal law is the ‘supreme’ law of the land, and state laws give way to it” …. “The state mandate is of no effect in that case.”

In fact, as noted in the “CRADLE OF CORRUPTION” (2002),

“The Constitution is the thin edge of the wedge that has allowed U.S. governments to cede the rights of Americans to the UN. Specifically, the ‘Supremacy Clause’ in Article VI [even] states that all treaties made by government shall be “the supreme Law of the Land,” and shall usurp state law. Article VI has thus further compounded the loss of individual rights in the U.S.

Unless Abbot stands his ground (metaphorically, because the governor is wheelchair-bound).

Too hell with the Constitution; nobody follows it anyway, least of all the lawless, no-borders, White Lives Don’t Matter, licentious Democrats.

One thought on “Texas Gov. Greg Abbott MUST Stand His Ground, Uphold Texans’ Natural Rights

  1. chuck lowe

    “To hell with the Constitution. ”


    There is no Rule Of Law.

    There is no America.

    Until the Republican Party starts playing by the same Rules of Engagement that the D?????????????M?????????????CRAT???/Deep State/4th Estate/Big Tech play by, we are lost. THE AFOREMENTIONED, HAVE DEFINED THESE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT.


    WE must follow their example.

    We should suborn perjury, alter official documents, destroy evidence under subpoena, withhold exculpatory evidence, hide Brady Material, lie under oath to the court, lie under oath to Congress, ignore the 4th amendment and supply ex nihilo, out of whole cloth, phony evidence then initiate with no predicate, investigations into perceived enemies of the Republican ????party, conduct pre-dawn raids on “dangerous” anti-Republican septuagenarians, illegally leak classified material to sympathetic press who work with Republicans, slow rolls subpoenas for FOIA information and lie about the need to classify ever more evidence.

    Lying, cheating, stealing, these ARE the Rules Of Engagement and until Republicans learn to play the game, we will always lose.

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