UPDATED (10/20): Dr. Peter McCullough: Ethicist, Scholar, Clinician, Healer, Damns The Medical Majority For Moronity And Malpractice

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Has CNN’s Sanje Gupta, M.D., Anthony Fauci, or all the other medical frauds parading their manifest ignorance on television ever wept over a “medical protocol” whereby elderly Covid-19 patients were sent home to wait until they could no longer breathe?

46.21 minutes into his address to the organization of the great Dr. Jane Orient (fellow columnist at WND), Peter McCullough—not one of whose Covid patients has gone untreated—weeps for these patients abandoned by their doctors to die. Of course medicine MUST be used off-label. It always has been. G-d bless this man. He is one of a kind.

Nuremberg trials for the rest, one and all.

Dr. McCullough is an ethicist, scholar, clinician, healer, all rolled into one—and perhaps the most brilliant, humane voice of reason regarding the COVID-19 vaccine and Covid-19, in general.

He confirms what most of the thinking unvaccinated know: No regular, longitudinal, scientific safety reviews are being presented to the public on the mRNA jabs.

McCullough presents comprehensive data to support the existence of a “tight temporal relationship” between adverse reactions and the mRNA jab. Causality on this front has been established, he argues. Vaccine failure, moreover, is not honestly reported in the USA (although Israel is doing so splendidly, while it oddly continues to force the failed vaccine on its populace).

I am seldom able to sit through more than a couple of minutes of your average YouTube/Rumble fare. McCullough, however, mesmerizes with his intellectual heft, reservoir of knowledge and humanity. (He doesn’t use his notes.)

Dr. Peter McCullough ‘Therapeutic Nihilism And Untested Novel Therapies’ | AAPS

UPDATED (10/20): It looks like some inquisitive minds—absent from TV’s medical menagerie of mainstream morons—are looking into “the harmful actions of the spike protein.” Facebook, having banned so many thinkers (check), will likely ban this journal article:

Be aware of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein: There is more than meets the eye.”

2 thoughts on “UPDATED (10/20): Dr. Peter McCullough: Ethicist, Scholar, Clinician, Healer, Damns The Medical Majority For Moronity And Malpractice

  1. Ted

    Great tweet Ilana, this is clearly the most bizarre medical situation in history. Dr. McCullough pointing out no congress or administration has opposed these Nuremberg Violations is stunning. I will post again on this one. Its 0433 here and I have to get a bit or rest. Thank you ~T

  2. Ted

    A bit of rest ? much better now and to let you know, far more right then wrong you are, dispite the sometimes bitter taste of truth…I agree we must come to terms with reality if more than a couple will prevail to right the ship.
    How many will be required or should we even be concerned ? Of course we are persuaded to be concerned that a future bright and cheery be afforded those who come after us. Cliche ? A bit yet nontheless I must be prudent that more people receive the message and become motivated to do something for sure as you read these words our freedoms slip away.
    I should imagine history will hold the answers if we have ability to see and learn from it. Yes I drifted off the good doctors presentation for though ? tactics are obviously being encouraged by a submissive medical community it really wasn’t what they signed up for anyway. The same tactics Ilana are being utilized across the spectrum of almost every area of life. I am brought into remembrance of an elected official that was intimidated into early retirement. I thought how nice it would be to have an assembly of people tasked to provide a safe environment.
    Imagine only 5 agencies in our nation tasked and corrupted beyond functionality of purpose and creation.
    So what shall we do ?

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