Douglas Murray Gets Rave Reviews Despite Ripped-Off Title & Unoriginal Theme

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What kind of a “book review” passes no judgment on the author under review, in this case neoconservative Douglas Murray, while simultaneously, if surreptitiously, pointing out that the title and theme of his book, The Strange Death of Europe, are, well, unoriginal? All Murray, an articulate Second Hander, has done is to elegantly restate the […Read On]

Geert Wilders: The Jihad Against Israel Is The Jihad Against The West

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Before reading the heroic Geert Wilders’ talk, The Jihad against Israel is the Jihad against the West, delivered in Jerusalem, consider: The greatest danger to Israel comes from Israel itself, and, in particular, from the Israeli left which controls the country’s institutions and is committed to the Palestinian cause. The same holds for the Netherlands, […Read On]

Update II: The Dilemma Of The Dhimmi

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To condemn or not to condemn a “man [who is] behaving … just like the barbarous Prophet Mohammed, who married the six-year-old girl Aisha”—that is the question. An NIS News Bulletin, Via Jihad Watch, reports that the heroic Dutchman Geert Wilders—one of the few political leaders in the West to reject dhimmitude— “has compared the […Read On]