Dick Cavett And Enoch Powell: Civilized, Edifying Discussion That Would Never Take Place Today

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“‘Racist’ is one of the modern terms of abuse,” Enoch Powell tells Dick Cavett. “The term of abuse is more effective the less defined it is. Then you can throw it at anybody and anything.” “It all sounds reasonable,” replies Cavett, to Mr. Powell’s lucid explanation as to the question of which people belonged in […Read On]

Upper-Crust Brit Publication Blames Enoch Powell’s 1968 Immigration Warning For … Everything Bad

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The Economist claims Enoch Powell’s 1968, April 20th “rivers of blood” speech, “before an audience of Conservative Party activists in the Midland Hotel in Birmingham,” was completely wrong in its predictions. More than wrong. Not only does The Economist assert that Powell’s claims have been “disproved”; but that despite Britain’s relatively recent “superdiversity”; the “conflagration […Read On]

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Enoch Powell At 100

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Enoch Powell’s famous, much-maligned “rivers of blood” speech has devolved over the years to suit Powell’s adversaries. Delivered in Birmingham, in April 1968, notes The Times Literary Supplement, the famous segment read as follows: “As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding. Like the Roman, I seem to see ‘the River Tiber foaming with […Read On]

Once Upon A Time: Intellectual Debate Before Institutional Rot

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Brilliant British men and women, unlike their American counterparts, think it is “better to be paid with honor than with money.”–Gore Vidal. In this clip, Frank Delaney talks to Enoch Powell and Gore Vidal, on BBC2, in December 19, 1982. A real treat. Agree or disagree with their banter, these are deep thinkers, adept at […Read On]