UPDATED: Slimy Sex Trail Leads to Chicago

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Ann Coulter provides some good shoe-leather reporting, absent from US mainstream media, as she tracks the slimy trail of Herman Cain’s accusers back to … Chicago. And, if you want the exact GPS (Global Positioning System) coordinates, the breadcrumbs lead straight to “David Axelrod’s apartment building at 505 North Lake Shore Drive,” where “Cain’s latest accuser, Sharon Bialekhe” resided.

What does it say about the workplace that someone who looks and sounds as Bialekhe does has held respectable position’s in various industries? And she’s only 50; so ugly and lined despite all the obvious plastic panel beating her face has endured. In answer to the question of how to stay young, I always reply: When you get to your late 40s, what’s inside begins to manifest on the outside. You can’t hide ugly insides.

UPDATE: The Real Rush has it that the media’s extra-hideous attack on Cain is because, “Herman [is] Cain more of a threat than the other GOP contenders: He could win. So, neither the Obama administration, the Democrat National Committee, nor the liberal GOP leadership wants him to secure the Republican nomination. Blacks would vote for him. The guilted white fools who voted for Obama would vote for him. Conservatives would vote for him. Evangelical Christians would vote for him. Is there anyone left?

Sure there is. But you get the picture: With Cain versus Obama, it’s Cain in a landslide.”


5 thoughts on “UPDATED: Slimy Sex Trail Leads to Chicago

  1. My RON-PAUL i

    In so far as the 2004 Illinois Senate race is concerned, the Axelrod Sex Scandal Theory works. It doesn’t make sense for Cain.

    Strangely, I had this discussion with some professional Democratic campaign people on election night 2011 and we all agreed that the LAST thing you would want to do is to unleash the dirt on Herman BEFORE he is the nominee. Rather, you would pray that he WINS the nomination and then you let the bomb go off around the end of September 2012….. then (a) he spends all of October playing defense “I did not have sex with this/that/other woman” OR (b) the Republicans dump him and put up a new nominee in desperation. Either is a win-win. But timing is everything.

  2. My RON-PAUL i

    Of course, if Rick Perry or Mitt Romney or someone ALREADY let the (sex harassment) cat out of the bag, Axelrod could be piling on (the existing scandal) just for the fun of it!

    [You need to provide a credible link for this allegation.]

  3. james huggins

    I don’t think any rational person should be surprised by Coulter’s assertions concerning the Chicago/Democrat style of operation. Even if we didn’t have these facts we knew the nature of the beasts we were dealing with and their past outrages, which have been well documented. Our culture has degenerated into the social and political gutter where the slime rises to the bottom which is now our top. Where have you gone John Wayne and Joe Dimaggio?

  4. JP

    Can anyone say “attention whore”? Too bad Oprah retired. She could have scored a book deal.

  5. sunny black

    To My Ron-Paul…

    I assumed the scandal leaks couldn’t come from Democrats/Axelrod for the reason you mentioned: it’s too early. They’d wait until after Cain became the nominee.

    But, for your consideration, I’d offer this theory — perhaps Leftists/Axelrod are sending an unequivocal message to any libertarian or conservative blacks or Latinos — run against us, pose an existential threat to the need for social liberalism, and we will destroy you, your family, and your reputation. In other words Myron: “blacks like Allen West — don’t even think about it!” Lest we parade a barrage of anxious, blonde zombies with insinuations that you looked at them the wrong way.” Or accidentally bumped into a mammary during a friendly hug.

    And this could apply, not just to black men, but also to anyone who has successfully operated in the private sector and now has political aspirations later on in life. “Don’t bring your accomplishments and track record of competence to our bureaucracy. We will uncover every shady thing you ever did, and if you didn’t do it, we’ll make it seem like you did.” Now you see why our political scene is dominated by mooching Left-overs rather than the Howard Roark’s of business, engineering, medicine. Self-made men/women and entrepreneurs: do not bring your considerable skills and talent here.

    I think Ann Coulter is correct. The pattern with Jack Ryan and leaked court documents completely fits a former newsman with reach all over a corrupt Chicago: David Axelrod.

    I’d add, if you’re Axelord and you know the charges against Cain are basically useless, then you won’t know how they’ll play in a general election against Obama. You know it could backfire against your guy if Cain is easily and effectively able to rebut the charges in October of 2012 (when the source of the leak would be more obvious to voters who are paying attention). Better to get it out the way now and see if it damages him.

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