UPDATE II: Talked Ron Paul On RT (Russia Today) & MyRon Pauli Distills GOP Debate

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I was on Russia Today (RT), my favorite broadcaster, to discuss the Ron Paul surge. I am sorry I was unable to give you notice of the segment, but I’ve been tied up. I am sure it will pop up later. Send the embed if you find it; I’m no good at locating such things.

UPDATE I: To MyRon’s comment: If I watched myself do these things I’d never do them. I’m a writer, first and foremost. A shy one, at that. I thought RT’s Liz said “anti-war,” which is a variant on the “isolationism” libel against libertarian foreign policy,” but I could be wrong.

UPDATE II: MyRon Pauli Distills Tonight’s GOP Debate, in Sioux City, Iowa:

“I subjected myself to something almost as bad as waterboarding – watching the FOX NEWS DEBATE!

Rick and Michelle are out there trying to out do each other on protecting us from Partial Birth Abortions.

Perry was a bit better and almost funny as the Aw Shucks Redneck invoking Tim Tebow.

Huntsman, while no ideologue, actually tries to act like an adult instead of an idiotic panderer.

Mitt, the businessman, can lecture the Bloated Socialistic Newtonian on capitalism – but the voters looking for red meat cheap shots probably can’t understand a lick of economics.

Newt – that right wing socialistic egomaniac – oi vey – the true inheritor of and poster boy for Hoover Progressivism, Nixonian Price Controlling, and Dubya’s Compassionate Conservatism.

And then there is Ron Paul getting clobbered over how to deal with America’s number 1 threat – the IRANIAN NAVY (heck – what happened to the Nepalese Air Force, the Liectenstein Army, and the Maldive Islands Special Forces)? Strange because of my job that some of this hits home as well.

Well, I dozed off a few times waiting for Ahmadinejad’s Battleship to come sailing up the Potomac!”


This is MyRon Pauli signing off for BAB.

MyRon’s previous campaign dispatch for BAB was filed from his couch too. Read it.

8 thoughts on “UPDATE II: Talked Ron Paul On RT (Russia Today) & MyRon Pauli Distills GOP Debate

  1. My RON PAUL i

    Of course, it is challenging to ad lib as you did without an Obamian teleprompter for 10 minutes. Only one minor nit: at 5:23, you used the term “not a non-interventionist foreign policy” when you meant “not an isolationist..” (I have been arguing ad infinitum with those who ape the Mainstream Media that “non interventionist” [sound] is NOT “isolationist” [paranoid]) – but your interview was quite sound and I am glad they recognize your intelligence and lucidity.

    Interesting with Russia – I wonder how many Russians wish they were back in Afghanistan, fighting against bucktooth Pushtuns and their burqa brides. Yet I run into neocons upset because we withdrew from Vietnam and Lebanon – dementia never subsides.

    IRONY ALERT – as I write this, they have some Russian Drug Control Officer coming after you bemoaning that the US is helping Afghanistan drug warlords (maybe they should have a Russian libertarian telling how dopey this War on Drugs really is). While I was typing, I thought they were talking about “Afghan puppies”!! (woof!)

    [Right you are, M; that’s why I never watch myself do these things. If I did, I would never go on again.]


  2. Roy Bleckert

    Just in case there are any doubters left @ BAB LOLLL !!!!!

    The last phase of Dr Ron Paul The Next POTUS is under way, dragging the NeoCon Republicans along for the Ride !


    ppppolls PublicPolicyPolling
    There’s actually a legitimate statistical argument that Paul would be the strongest GOP candidate against Obama, PERIOD.

    Paul performs the best of the Republicans against Obama among independents on almost every poll we ever do

    But if Paul somehow won nomination and GOP united around him, his strength with indys would make him tougher foe for Obama than Romney

    The reason Romney usually does better v. Obama than Paul overall is many GOP voters say they’re undecided in Obama/Paul

  3. regularron

    Fantastic interview Ms. Mercer. And I’m sure I speak for most of the folks here when I say, I could listen to you speak all day long.

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