UPDATE II: The Brothers Tsarnaev: ‘A Product Of An American Upbringing’

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Whereas America’s media will shed mostly darkness on the “apparently” mysterious motivation behind the ruthless, savage attack committed, in Boston, last week by two naturalized American Muslims—a Chechen leader has some interesting thoughts about these homegrown terrorists:

[The] Tsarnaevs … were raised in the United States, and their attitudes and beliefs were formed there. It is necessary to seek the roots of this evil in America.

The man has a point: A liberal, lax progressive education, emphasizing the wickedness of the West, the hollowness of its ways, and the righteousness of its “victims” does tend to breed rootless, hostile ignoramuses.

On the other hand, the US’s aggressive, unjust foreign policy doesn’t exactly encourage patriotism in the rudderless young people churned out by the public schools.

Barack Obama, naturally, had no qualms about following his instincts. These were to implicate anti-tax patriots for the slaughter in Boston.

Also to crumble was the storyline floated by media—faithful as it is to fact and evidence (NOT)—about white supremacists. The “White supremacist’ narrative has collapsed in the Texas DA murder case.” Likewise it has proven baseless vis-à-vis Boston. Yet the president’s un-American little helpers had no qualms about having fun with it:

Witness your tax-supported, trusted NPR Journalist who felt no compunction about suggesting that the Boston terrorist attack was the handiwork of “right-wingers celebrating Columbine or Hitler’s birthday.”

UPDATE I: “Some immigrants kill.” Lloyd Green with the standard equivocating one can expect from a Bush baby:

America has digested newcomers from all over the world. It is our history and one of our strengths. It would be tragic if we made one of our virtues a vice and weakness when caution should be our guide.

UPDATE II: “The Economist” embarrassed itself before the fact, implicating “patriot groups” that have proliferated since their Good Guy got back in office:

“Mr Obama’s re-election and his support for immigration reform and gun-control legislation, however ill-fated, have enraged this extremist fringe. The Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC), a civil-rights organisation that tracks and exposes the activities of right-wing extremists, says that outfits of this kind have proliferated during his presidency, from around 150 in 2008 to an all-time record of 1,360 last year (see chart).
The SPLC estimates that of those about 1,000 could be classified as “hard-core”, and thus by implication capable of violence. Among recent incidents, it points to the murder of six people at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin by a neo-Nazi gunman last August and the rounding up, also last year, of a murderous militia group based in Georgia, which included several active-duty soldiers. According to prosecutors, the group, which called itself FEAR (Forever Enduring, Always Ready), had stockpiled $87,000 worth of weapons and explosives, and was plotting to overthrow the government through a campaign of terror and assassinations.”