The Left Beatifies Boehner, Perhaps Pope Francis Will, Too

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His tenure as the speaker of the House John Boehner (Republican) spent greasing the skids for the policies of Barack Obama (Democrat). And he capped a career of crying by sobbing to the sounds of Pope Francis’s trendy, pop philosophies (the intellectual equivalent is to be found in a Chinese fortune-cookie wrapper).

But to listen to the Left’s coverage of Boehner’s resignation—MSNBC and CNN—the man was a saint thwarted by right-wing crazies.

Before he leaves the country, the sooner the better, Pope Francis might want to beatify Boehner for promoting statism and crying while he, the pope, preached the same.

Boehner will likely head off to K Street to lobby and loot some more.

Pukes both.

By the way, aren’t you sick and tired of the, “I’m a poor boy, the son of an Ohio barkeeper” (Boehner), or a “Cuban immigrant,” or the first kid in family to go to school (Huckabee)?

Shut the f-ck up already with the sob-cum-inspirational stories.

For all your papal needs: