UPDATE II: The Mad, Moronic, Unapologetic Showmen & Women Of Mainstream Media (The Bombing Suspects & The Know-Nothings Of Big Media)



Over the course of a few hours today (April 17), the hysterical and histrionic US media—front men and women for CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and the rest—have gone from asserting the arrest of a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings, to screening amateur images of their fantasy felon, to decamping to the courthouse in expectation of an arraignment, to confessing without a smidgen of shame that nothing of the sort had transpired.

We lied. OK, we fibbed. Let’s move on. Quick. There is to be no meta reporting about the misreporting.

“No arrests in Boston bombing.”

How ironic, then, that readers have demanded that I justify, even atone, for my assessment of the sum-total of one coequal (female) branch of the media-military-congressional complex:

“Big hair, an overbite, botox and mind-numbing banalities.”

UPDATE I: “FBI scolds media…” Justifiably. Still, pot, kettle, black.

UPDATE II (April 18): BEATING JON STEWART TO CALLING THE MEDIA’S BLUFF. You’d have saved time—and spared yourself the confusion generated on the Colosseum of cretins that is American mainstream media—had you, my reader, come straight to Barely A Blog for news and commentary served up straight. Think about it: Jon Stewart, a comedian who cleaves to fact (if not to liberty’s principles), only aired the truth later that evening.

Barely a Blog beat Jon Stewart to it. BAB called the media’s bluff @ 11:20 am on that day (April 17).

Show your appreciation.

UPDATE III: THE SUSPECTS & THE KNOW-NOTHINGS OF BIG MEDIA. “Arrogant, blasé, completely casual, brazen”: These are some of the adjectives the big mouths of big media are using to describe the demeanor of the 2 Boston bombing suspects in the footage released by the FBI.

These security and counter-intelligence loudmouths festooning cable and news networks and carrying forth on TV know nothing; they know no more than you do. They are just moving their giant gobs, performing as the compulsive exhibitionists that they are.