Middle East Musical Chairs

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Gleaned from its sources in the bowels of the Obama administration, DEBKAfile has provided the likely backdrop, and backroom deals, that have led to the tiresome and futile reunion of Bibi Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas, second-in-command in the Palestinian Authority, after the Hamas leader du jour.:

“Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is misleading his ministers by presenting the direct talks opening with the Palestinians on Sept. 2 as a diplomatic victory. He has omitted to disclose that the Obama administration has reneged on the secret deals for paving the way to the talks it concluded with Netanyahu’s senior aides Yitzhak Molcho and Uzi Arad.

Part of the deal was for Israel to line up with the Obama administration’s non-reaction to Iran’s activation of its Russian-built nuclear reactor at Bushehr last Saturday, Aug. 21. The United States promised, for its part, to deliver the Palestinians to the negotiating table for face -to-face talks after dropping their pre-conditions (determination of the 1967 lines as the final borders of a Palestinian state and a moratorium on Jewish construction on the West Bank and Jerusalem).

But most of all, the secret deal obliged Obama to refrain from twisting Israel’s arm on behalf of the Palestinians should the dialogue founder – as it is widely expected to do.

Wit this deal in the bag, Netanyahu was able to showcase the Obama administration’s endorsement of his diplomatic strategy and is rejection of Palestinian demands.

However, the deal was shown to have sprung a leak in the formal announcements in Washington of Friday, Aug. 20, debkafile discloses.
Whereas Secretary of State Hillary Clinton kept faith with Israel and turned down a last minute White House demand to insert this phrase in her announcement: ‘The United States could offer bridging proposals if necessary,’ into her announcement, the euphemistic phrase turned up in special presidential envoy George Mitchell’s remarks elaborating on the Clinton statement.'”


5 thoughts on “Middle East Musical Chairs

  1. james huggins

    Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama trying to lead the way and broker a MIddle East peace between Israel and anybody else over is lunacy in it’s highest degree. Those two clowns couldn’t make peace between two housewives in the supermarket fighting over the ripest cantalope. King Solomon himself would be hard pressed to get this current deal done.

  2. Tom

    If anyone has read the book “The Secret War Against the Jews”, by John Loftus, one might think that the New World Order conspiracy is working with Iran in order to nuke or otherwise destroy the State of Israel and all the Jews living in Israel. Or at least, that evil faction of the New World Order that has Obama as their puppet. The New World Order Government conspiracy has been fighting against the Messiah for the past fifteen years; the Government already knows that the Messiah has already returned, in secret from the world. Unfortunately, the Messiah has found little or no faith in the Messiah, among either Christians or Jews, or at least none willing to fight against the New World Order Government conspiracy.

  3. Derek

    How much energy and time will American Presidents have to waste on this subject? I am so sick and tired of Palestinians and Israelis. We have mountains of problems at home, yet every President in recent memory is continually tied down by this issue.

  4. Myron Pauli

    Here goes more Kabuki “peace process” theater for the amusement of American, Europeans, and Israelis. Ironically, there might be some hope in the term “1967” if it also meant returning the land to Jordanian or Jordanian and Egyptian management with local autonomy consistent with a responsible state at peace with Israel. The kleptocratic and fanatical thugs (Fatah and Hamas, respectively) are no more trustworthy or capable of running a “state” than a pedophile would be as a Scoutmaster.

    The Palestinian “population”, however, seems to be behind the thugs who abuse them. Therefore, it is unlikely that King Abdullah (whose great-grandfather was murdered by
    a Palestinian militant)


    wants to put his neck on the line for a bunch of lunatics. As for the last Egyptian who made peace with Israel:


    and his fate is also well known.

    The only real drama in this farcical re-run is whether the Russians will one day regret their assistance in the building of the Bushehr reactor.

  5. Nora Brinker

    “If anyone has read the book “The Secret War Against the Jews”, by John Loftus, one might think that the New World Order conspiracy is working with Iran in order to nuke or otherwise destroy the State of Israel and all the Jews living in Israel.”

    I have. It’s the book with the most grotesque importance : annihilation ratio in the history of printing and book sales. All those who are getting their knickes in a knot about Obama now ought to know that he is nothing but perpetuating an American tradition as old as Israel when it comes to selling her out to her enemies.

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