UPDATED: The Republican Tart Trust (Mercer Mainstream?)

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Where do the Republicans find their woman commentators? A fulminating female named Jedediah Bila, who bills herself as a conservative, called Julian Assange of the WikiLeaks notoriety a rapist. (Bobbing head S.E. Cupp, also a “conservative,” backed her up with vigorous … nods.) The two dim bulbs appeared on David Asman’s “America’s Nightly Scorecard.” As I mentioned in “Condomned by Law,” Swedish sexual harassment law is more diabolical than anything the radical American feminist jurist Catharine Mackinnon could dream up in her sweetest dreams—Mackinnon’s baleful influence on American and Canadian jurisprudence cannot be underestimated.

But if Bila and her conservative cohort agree that having consensual sex without a condom is tantamount to rape—Mackinnon’s work is done.

I do not wish to hear these imbeciles’ views on Assange’s free press and due process rights, do you?

UPDATE: What makes a reader of this site imagine that I decide on which TV news programs I will appear (none, so far, except one PBS program)? Guess what? The producers and writers of the cable news programs decide who to ask on their more-or-less conformist shows. That this is so unintuitive to readers implies an optimistic faith in the cognoscenti to whom they look up; they really believe that the chicks whose words they lap up are indeed cutting-edge thinkers, and that by mere chance ilana mercer is not among them.

“WE ARE [indeed] DOOMED.”

The reader should let the producers and anchors of his favorite shows know about his preferences. Telling this marginalized writer to free up her busy schedule and, presumably, stop rejecting invites to join mainstream TV Talkers is worse than ridiculous.

Again: I’m floored to find-out that readers of this space believe an-out-of-the-mainstream writer, who has never echoed the mob, can pick and choose the forums she frequents to showcase her work. That someone holds such a naive, optimistic impression about the mainstream media (and Fox is a bastion of banality, for the most), and the power of the ousted individual in American society knocks my socks off.

If readers entertain the notion that I’ve been shunning all those invitations I get to appear on Fox Business and News—I’ll repeat the gloomy mantra with which I’ve been sealing each post these days:


This is, however, a good opportunity to ask you to fully comprehend the degree to which truth-tellers and original thinkers are sidelined in your society and to support this site. My new book, Into The Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons For America From Post-Apartheid South Africa, is currently under consideration, but I fear that promoting it will ultimately fall to me alone (as has been the case for almost a decade). The work is simply too explosive. So kindly spare a thought, first, to the degree to which this writer’s voice is marginalized. And, second, to the need to support her mission.

As for S. E. Cupp: there is no accounting for aesthetic taste. Other than youth, however, I see no aesthetic merit in little Lolita’s vacant visage. As for this Fox-panel staple’s smarts: She is a studiously dumb chick, whose contribution to ideas is to gesture wildly and grimace, while portentously parroting mind-numbing banalities.

5 thoughts on “UPDATED: The Republican Tart Trust (Mercer Mainstream?)

  1. Myron Pauli

    Even worse is that it is an ex post facto allegation. If a woman had a conditional agreement to have sex in manner A and the person (Assange or whomever) instead did it in manner B against the consent of the woman, that might arguably be rape – however, to make the allegation a considerable amount of time after the sex (when “lack of consent” cannot propagate backwards in time) is ludicrous.

    I seriously doubt that these Republican bobbleheads have any concept of national security or secrecy or the responsibility of the government to protect its own information properly.

  2. Dennis

    Ilana, I saw that specific show, but couldn’t understand JEDEDIAH’s reason for being there with Asman. On the other hand, S.E.CUPP is ABSOLUTELY a great piece of EYE CANDY and, sometimes, makes some reasonable comments. Ilana, I have a request: PLEASE consider getting on these FOX NEWS SHOWS. I would pay to see you intellectually destroy NANCY SKINNER as well as some of the other dim bulbs Fox apparently must have to be “fair and balanced” to appease the FCC. C’mon, do us readers a big favor, ok? Thank you & HAPPY NEW YEAR – 2011.

  3. Robert Glisson

    Conservative as a political definition only means that the individual is member of the right wing of the American Communist party, vs Liberal as a definition of the left wing of the same party. Neither of which are concerned with the Bill of Rights or the principals it stands for; nor, are they concerned with the ridiculous notion of truth and honesty. Remember it was the Republicans that penned the name “Civil war on the back of the “war of secession.”

  4. NJ_patriot

    While I do appreciate the free press arguments for not persecuting Assange (for now), contorting ones intellect to acquiesce to his potential sexual transgressions (with no facts or evidence) is dishonest and undermines libertarian ideals.

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