Updated: Karzai Crazy, Or So The US Says

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Afghan President Hamid Karzai must be crazy, or at least hopping high, to kick back at the empire that created him. These are what supposedly serious pundits are saying in response to Karzai’s allegation that Western governments and the United Nations committed electoral fraud in last year’s Afghani presidential election.

The Hill: “Over the weekend, Karzai reportedly told members of his parliament that he would consider leaving the political process to join the Taliban if he continued to come under outside pressure.”

The last threat was so obviously tongue in cheek, but Americans didn’t find it amusing. Peter Galbraith, “the US diplomat who worked for the UN in Kabul until last year,” went on Smear TV accusing the leader of our Afghan satellite state of being unstable and toking it up too.

It’s a “bad trip” indeed.

I haven’t searched out reactions on the far- Left and Right to this hint from Kabul that the US has overstayed its welcome. These political factions, however, generally treat shows of Israeli sovereignty with fury and demands for Obama to crush Israel.

My guess is that you should look for the exact opposite reaction from said elements when it comes to our “Muslim allies.”

Since consistency is the touchstone of truth, this scribe is pleased about both Afghani and Israeli resistance to US meddling:

“Those of us who want the U.S. to stay solvent—and out of the affairs of others—recognize that sovereign nation-states that resist, not enable, our imperial impulses, are the best hindrance to hegemonic overreach. Patriots for a sane American foreign policy ought to encourage all America’s friends, Israel included, to push back and do what is in their national interest, not ours.”

Update (April 8): Meanwhile back in the trenches on the side of the righteous, a US “Special Forces team gunned down an Afghan police chief, a prosecutor, and three unarmed women, infuriating locals and drawing a sharp rebuke from politicians in Kabul.”

AND (via the CSM):

In a video conference taking questions from troops earlier this year, McChrystal said with some frustration “we’ve shot an amazing number of people” who were not, in fact, threats. In February, McChrystal apologized to the Afghan people after a NATO airstrike killed 27 civilians.

A scene of “Sulcha” unflods in which an animal is sacrificed and American slobber, and the only words that are sensible and honorable come from a local man, Mr. Sharabuddin:

“… justice would only be served when the Americans gave up the informant who sent the Special Forces squad to raid a house full of civilians and government officials. ‘We want that spy who gave the false information to the Americans,’ Mr. Sharabuddin said. ‘I don’t want the spy for myself, I want him to face justice or be handed over to the commander of the [Afghan army] corps.”

3 thoughts on “Updated: Karzai Crazy, Or So The US Says

  1. Mike Marks

    Ah yes. Obama’s Magical Mystical Tour. He’s just making friends wherever he goes!

  2. Myron Pauli

    Here is a very very juicy article:


    The son of Hamid Karzai’s defense minister has a $360,000,000 contract with the US government to supply trucks by basically distributing protection money to the warlords and “Taliban” that we in turn are fighting. We are basically PAYING and SUPPLYING our own “enemies” to keep this idiotic war lasting longer than any other in American history. Of course, none of these “enemies” ever harmed America – and Al Queda checked out of Hotel Afghanistan a long time ago.

    As for Karzai and his drug warlord brother, they might lose a little sleep if they stay up to read:


    Meanwhile, I always marveled why the US thought it was necessary to install Karzai and a “strong central government” in the first place instead of letting old King Zahir Shah preside over a loose tribal confederacy and just getting out of Afghan politics.

    Nations should stand up for their own national interests against bullying by the American government. But then perhaps the American people should stand for OUR national interests against that of the neocon/neoliberal meddling Wilsonian interventionists in the American government.

    The interventionists’ mess, however, predates Messiah Obama (anyone remember Dubya??).

  3. Derek

    Why did the threats in Afghanistan and Iraq require the USA to invade and occupy, while the threat in Iran, if addressed, will not?

    Wouldn’t this imply these invasions have been a massive waste of blood and treasure?

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