Watch Your Backs, Whites. Black ‘Author’ Has a Zyklon B Moment

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All Critical Race Theory, and our American politics in general, is is pure, unadulterated, systemic, institutionalized, ethnocidal hatred of whites. CRT is neither Marxism nor identity politics! This is what I told the great, gracious Michelle Malkin, briefly, on NewsMax TV.

Here’s but one exhibit of what I mean:

Clearly worse than mediocre, but thriving on a lucrative book deal, Ben Phillipe is high on his own righteous, murderous wrath. He dubs as “fun facts” a behind-the-scene look at his fantasies of gassing whites in an hermetically sealed room (no, he didn’t use that adjective).

Incidentally, because of this kind of bad, affirmative-action driven type of prose, I quit my guilty pleasure—a subscription to the Times Literary Supplement, once the best literary review magazine.

(A “detonator” that blinks? Exits that are “blocked” is better than ones that are locked. This awful writer has an awful editor. Do they realize they live off their piss-poor prose because of their so-called pigment burden?)

Postscript: CBC removed the interview. But not after their Jewish interviewer—and enabler of evil—commiserated with Phillipe for having been driven to such desperation.

Fucking dumb bitch.

*Zyklon B

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  1. roger tyk

    You are a truly fine writer and thinker, Ilana. I wish more people were aware of you.

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