UPDATED: Weiner Worm Poster Boy for Anti-Semitism

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Someone has to say it. Everyone is thinking it. Better that a Jew do the job gentiles fear doing, and thus defuse the issue. Hypersexual. Hyperbolic. Obnoxious. Pushy. Left-liberal. Bright: These are some of the stereotypes that attach to Jews, at least to Jews of East-European origins. (Herein more information about ethnic dynamics in Israel, ignored by most American pundits.) And these are some of the subsurface traits people have in mind—but won’t mouth—about Rep. Anthony Weiner’s antics. Despite this “engorged organism’s” delusions to the contrary, his appearance doesn’t help matters.

But there’s more. Here’s what makes the Weiner worm more toxic. The Democratic congressman from New York is married to Huma Mahmood Abedin, a gorgeous, modest-looking, evidently devout Muslim woman.

Weiner, a libertine liberal, has demonstrated enormous ignorance of Islam, in general, and of Islam vis-a-vis the Jews, in particular. I can already see placards hoisted high, by angry mobs in the Middle-East, bearing Weiner’s ugly mug. This idiotic Jew has dissed and disrespected a Muslim woman.

Before you brand me a self-hating Jew (and I know that the “Age of the Idiot” dictates that my accuser will so do without searching my writings on Jews/Israel in support of his accusation), listen: In conspiratorial anti-Semitic “thinking”, Jews qua Jews are said to possess certain inherent, immutable, saboteur traits. I disagree. My opinion is this: What makes Jewish misguidedness more pronounced than gentile misconception is that Jews are more likely to rise to the top in many fields and professions, politics included. (See the “THE JEWISH CONNECTION.”)

As to Israel’s very different demographic dynamics: Most Israelis are descended from the Sephardi Jews expelled from Spain and Portugal in 1492 and 1497. From their exile in the Arab countries of North Africa and the Middle East, they fled to Israel as refugees after 1948. Fierce Zionists, Sephardis are as indigenous to the region as the sand dunes and the Sabra cacti. Their loyalty to the Likud Party derives, in part, from a loathing of what the Labor Party stands for, not least, a racist condescension for dark-skinned Jews. Sephardi Israelis often voice hostility to the leftist rank-and-file European Ashkenazis that populate Labor, as they are fed-up with being looked down upon and mistreated by them.

In other words, Weiner would likely be regarded as a foreign organism in Israel.

UPDATE (June 12): ISRAELI ECONOMY. The assertions about the Israeli economy in the comment below probably reflect the lack of coverage of the Israeli private sector achievements by the media. As well as this mummified media’s bias. They are wrong. We just don’t hear much about Israel’s economy. The information can be Googled. I’ve covered it in recent columns, so … search the Mercer archives.

Although Israel’s economy is by no means ideal, it is not much different from Western Europe’s Third-Way, mixed economies, with a respectable per capita GDP. Warren Buffet has invested billions in the private sector there, with good returns.

Israel’s high-tech industry has been on the cutting edge for ages. We Americans (including CNN’s Zomby Zakaria, who knows nothing about “innovation”) like to pretend we’ve invent everything we successfully market. Some of us do. But many times, small companies in Israel (and Asia) do the work, and sell off to big, lazy American companies.

For example, who does our reader think invented Microsoft’s “Kinect,” which is in the Guinness Book of Records as the “Fastest-Selling Consumer Electronics Device” ever? A tiny Israeli outfit called Primesense. (I once watched in horror as one American tot, clearly retarded, pranced in front of this TV-operated invention like an epileptic having a petit mal seizure. This, when my (now-grown) girl would have been building Lego, painting, reading, or playing outside. But the American Idicoracy rising is another issue entirely.)

I am affiliated with the Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies. Those who’re interested in tracking the liberalization of Israel’s economy will get a good idea by following JIMS’ remarkable work in Jerusalem.

This is an old column, but still relevant:

True, Israel’s founding fathers were socialists (although there’s something to be said for voluntary forms of socialism like the kibbutz, in contrast to politically imposed socialism). Born of a collectivist political philosophy, Israel has been progressing, albeit slowly, toward greater economic freedom (as America regresses). Trade liberalization, financial market reforms, increased privatization and decreased regulation have been part of this historical retreat from socialism. But the steady abolition of state subsidies and the enhancement of competition supported by Sharon’s Thatcherite Finance Minister (Bibi Netanyahu) cannot easily offset the effects of endemic violence. Coupled with the slowdown in the U.S. economy, terrorism is one of the main reasons for slumps in the Israeli economy.

7 thoughts on “UPDATED: Weiner Worm Poster Boy for Anti-Semitism

  1. Nebojsa Malic

    So Ilana, would you say the self-hating Israelis come primarily from Ashkenazi ranks, as they are more susceptible to the “progressive” politics of guilt?

  2. John McNeill

    The exception to the Ashkenazim stereotype is Russian Jews living in Israel. I’ve spoken with a few and I’ve never met more fierce nationalists and traditionalists. They’ve told me how their experiences in the Soviet Union and the persecution they faced under Stalin and his successors shaped them to be a very conservative people, and hence stalwart defenders of Israel once they were able to escape the USSR. It’s a shame that American Ashkenazim aren’t more like their Russian cousins.

  3. David Papell

    Weiner doesn’t do middle aged Jewish men any good. I get that look from my female colleagues. It’s like I have to lie low for a while. But I take it with a sense of humor. But between Spitzer and Weiner, doesn’t help our image. About the liberal Jewish mentality, and the need to be liked. please…I need to take a Tums.

  4. Jim

    In my trips to Israel, I cannot envision the effeminate little Weiner man there at all:)

  5. Kerry

    I’m a little confused, I have a friend who moved with his family to Tel Aviv a few years ago, he’s of Polish-Jewish origin and he uses the term “Sephardic” in reference to Yemenite Jews. He’s far from Left-wing though, he’s almost as astute politically as I am.

  6. Abelard Lindsey

    I have made comments on Spengler’s forums about how the future of Israel depends on ability to transform itself into a technology-based export oriented economy similar to that of Singapore and other East Asian nations and city-states.

    My understanding is that Israel is finally ditching the socialism it used to be based on, liberalizing its economy, and creating a positive environment for venture capital and start-ups. The Ashkenazim have a reputation for smarts and make up a disproportionate number of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs in the West. I don’t know anything about the “Sephardic” people at all. But if they share the same intellectual capabilities as the Ashkenazim, it seems to me that Israel ought to become the Singapore or Hong Kong of the Middle-east.

    What I don’t understand is why it took them so long to embrace the technology-based, free-market export economy model, even though this model had proven itself in the Pacific Asian region by the early 80’s, nearly 30 years ago.

  7. Dennis

    The only thing about this entire situation that truly bothers me is that AS AN ELECTED OFFICIAL, THIS GUY LIED TO ALL OF US!

    So, whom do we trust when it comes to having the finger on the button…declaring war…spending our money? Are all politicians pathological liars, thieves, and immoral bastards?


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