UPDATE II: Preface To New Mercer Book (Still #1 In Gov. Social Policy)

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The Preface to “Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons For America From Post-Apartheid South Africa” can be read exclusively on VDARE.COM. Here’s a teaser:

“It is no surprise that a manifesto against majoritarianism would not find favor with the mission of most American publishers. Opposition to mass society was once an accepted (indeed, unremarkable) theme in the richly layered works of iconic conservatives such as Edmund Burke, Russell Kirk, and James Burnham. Today, by contrast, such opposition is considered as damning as it is impolitic.

And don’t even think of writing a less-than hagiographical account of Nelson Mandela. Time Magazine’s Richard Stengel has serialized his tributes to Saint Mandela. (Stengel has completed two. Perhaps a third is planned?) But an opposing voice to the media paean for the democratic South Africa and its deity, written by a dissenting South African exile—this cannot be countenanced.” …

Read the complete Preface at VDARE.COM

UPDATE (June 10): I have no idea if The Cannibal’s rank on Amazon measures anything other than an uptick in sales—from none to some. Yes, you know that I’m a rational skeptic. Let’s see. But it would be fabulous if readers kept this rank low (or high, however you prefer to look at it). I encourage you all to write reviews on Amazon—pan or praise the book, so long as you are polite and refrain from personal insults.

Here is the rank right now:

Product Details

* Hardcover: 338 pages
* Publisher: Bytech Services (May 10, 2011)
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 0982773439
* ISBN-13: 978-0982773437
* Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.9 inches
* Shipping Weight: 1.3 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
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* Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #1,454 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)
#1 in Books > Nonfiction > Government > Social Policy
#34 in Books > Nonfiction > Philosophy


UPDATE II: For today, at least, The Cannibal is #1 in the “Government Social Policy” on Amazon:

UPDATE III (June 12): For a third day in a row, The Cannibal is Amazon’s #1 in the category on Social Policy. I hope you’ve purchased your copy. I’ve said numerous times: Publisher is not charging for shipping. This is valuable to my South African readers. Kindle will be up by, I am told (by the best man possible), early next week, probably tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “UPDATE II: Preface To New Mercer Book (Still #1 In Gov. Social Policy)

  1. Jennifer

    Hooray! Time for the release! Looks wonderful and very in-depth.

  2. Sioux

    Just received your book in the mail today – will get going on it this weekend and post my comments on Amazon.

    [Many thanks, Chief.]

  3. Balor

    I received your book earlier this week and am reading it avidly. I can’t say that I agree with all you say, but your presentation of the facts concerning post-Apartheid South Africa are clear enough that they speak for themselves. For those of us who opposed Apartheid, I wonder, “Did we know any better?” Had I known that the success of South African society rested on the primacy of Western culture, would I have done my bit to call for divestment, etc.? Your book speaks to my condition and convicts my heart. The more people know what happened and is continuing to happen in South Africa, the quicker the ANC will be seen as a pariah regime no different from Zimbabwe’s Mugabe.

  4. DAve

    Hey, what is up with Charlize Theron? I just saw her on true hollywood story tearfully embracing nelson mandela and gushing about what an inspiration he was- and as soon as i saw it i thought of you.
    Keep up the good work-

    [She’s a liberal living in Hollywood. Not the brightest thing.]

  5. DAve

    Thanks for the reply-
    but she’s south african, right?
    Or is this just a matter of knowing which side the bread gets buttered on in Hollywood? How popular is her viewpoint among white south africans and expats?

    [So what if she’s South African and beautiful? She’s an idiot. It happens. I imagine a lot of left-liberal expats are influenced by American blindness. I’ll post about it when I begin to promote my book among expats in earnest.]

  6. JP

    @Dave, see Jani Allan. Charlize left our shores when she was still a teenager, making her viewpoint largely irrelevant.

  7. Carmen

    I read one webpage (censorbugbear) where they consider her, and ex-pats who turn a blind eye to the suffering in the country they left behind, as a “volksveraaier” – nation betrayers… the “volk” in particular refering to Afrikaners. There is also some debate about wherether you are still an Afrikaner if you determine to not identify with that culture anymore.

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