Will COVIDIOTS Kill Kissing?



NOW for something completely different—and uplifting.

The more clothed a society and the greater its social complexity — the more common kissing is. Makes sense: Kill the allure and mystery of modesty—and you kill the more subtle shows of affection, because everything else is already on display.


Since parrots are mentioned way too flippantly in this delightful BBC video clip, I’ll divulge that Oscar-Wood, Mercer parrot, is very evolved in his displays of affection.


6 thoughts on “Will COVIDIOTS Kill Kissing?

  1. roberto

    Re: BBC Reel.
    I do wish people would stop using less when what they mean is fewer. I blame it on the illiterate signs in grocery stores that say “15 items or less” THE WORD IS FEWER.

  2. roberto

    It certainly wasn’t you. The sin was in the BBC clip, twice.

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