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The Bogus Bush Doctrine Alive And Well-Exploited By All Demopublicans

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The aversion Americans have of dying by Muslim in America, all politicians assuage by promising to bomb Syria and Iraq or to brainwash Middle Eastern populations about democracy. Tying attacks like San Bernadino in the US to a war on ISIS and proxies in the Middle East is The Bush Doctrine.

The dumb Bush dictum of fighting them over there so they don’t come here is alive and well-exploited by every fork-tongued politician on the Republican and Democratic sides, other than Donald Trump, who distills the issue logically.

Barack Obama routinely deflects questions about death by Muslim in San Bernadino with answers about keeping “up the pressure, our air campaign will continue to hit ISIL harder than ever.” And oh, “It is very difficult for us to detect lone wolf plots or plots involving a husband and wife, in this case, because despite the incredible vigilance of our law enforcement and homeland security, it’s not that different from us trying to detect the next mass shooter. You don’t always see it.”

Every time John Kasich or Chris Christie or Marco Rubio and the interchangeable rest are asked about death by Muslim in the US; they too whip out the Bush Doctrine. Over to the disgusting Kasich:

BLITZER: Governor Kasich, one of the killers in San Bernardino was an American who was not on anyone’s watch list. How are you going to find that radicalized person and stop another such attack?

KASICH: Well, first of all, Wolf, I said last February that we needed to have people on the ground, troops on the ground in a coalition similar to what we had in the first Gulf War.

I remember when the Egyptian ambassador to the United States stood in the Rose Garden and pledged Arab commitment to removing Saddam Hussein from Kuwait. Before we came out here tonight, I am told that the Saudis have organized 34 countries who want to join in the battle against terrorism.

First and foremost, we need to go and destroy ISIS. And we need to do this with our Arab friends and our friends in Europe.

And when I see they have a climate conference over in Paris, they should have been talking about destroying ISIS because they are involved in virtually every country, you know, across this world. …

Americans must reject this illogic.

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GOP Debate: America-First Alliance Emerges, Neoconservatives Neutralized

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“GOP Debate: America-First Alliance Emerges” is the latest column, now on WND. An excerpt:

… On the foreign policy front, an alliance emerged that saw Trump, Paul and Cruz unite to advance an America First foreign policy, and to volubly oppose the foreign policy forays of Rubio, aka Genghis Bush aka Dick Cheney aka Jeb Bush aka John Kasich aka Carly Fiorina.

Thus when Chris Christie – who also shares the ideological cockpit with the neoconservatives – vowed to down Russian planes if they crossed a no fly zone he’d establish in Syria, Paul was quick to interject: “There’s your candidate to start World War III.”

“If we want to defeat terrorism, the boots on the ground need to be Arab boots on the ground,” insisted Sen. Paul splendidly. Then he went and spoiled it all by saying something stupid like, “If we ban Muslim immigration, the terrorists will have won.”

“The terrorists win if Americans don’t do as the politicians say” is reverse psychology and cliché rolled into one. The prez also keeps saying, “Dare do x, y or z on matters Muslim, and you guaranteed that ISIS wins.” Or, “ISIS wants you to do x, y, and z.”

First, how do these asses know what ISIS wants? Or, are Barack Obama and Sen. Paul simply ass-uming they know? It is more likely the two politicians are using reverse psychology to get Americans to comply with their own wishes.

In any event, if ISIS wants you, America, to do what in your estimation is best for you–perhaps ISIS is right and the president is wrong. Perhaps ISIS is right and Rand Paul is wrong.

So, Sen. Paul, we’ll take that long moratorium on Muslim immigration. It’s a winner for Americans. If ISIS approves, too, so be it. ISIS is happy; we are happy; everybody is happy; we all win. …

Read the complete column. “GOP Debate: America-First Alliance Emerges” is now on WND.

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Lindsey Graham: Liar & Dissembler About Islam And Foreign Policy

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Three minutes and fifteen seconds into Chuck Todd’s unedifying exchange of niceties with the left’s favorite Republican, Sen. Lindsey Graham, Imam Graham imparts that Islam isn’t the problem; he’s not afraid of The Faith, as most Muslims practice it as it ought to be practiced. (Doesn’t he enjoy a security detail, too?) If indeed, as this liar asserts, “there is a war [of reformation] going on within Islam,” it is the most silent, uncontested intellectual war ever. The truth is that no Muslim jurist of note—and no, Pakistani cleric Muhammad Tahir ul-Qadri’s fatwa is deceptive, too —to date, in any recognized center of Islamic learning, has canceled out the authentic Islam outlined in the Quran, supplemented by The Hadith and practiced by ISIS.

As to Graham’s foreign policy promises if elected by MSNBC: ISIS did not exist in the region during the Golden Age of Saddam Hussein. ISIS is a creation of American foreign policy. Yet the stuff that gave rise to ISIS—the American military’s overthrowing of secular leaders in the middle East—Graham wants revisited and intensified, not to mention more foreign aid to spread “our values” and build schools. Obama and Bush before him have done plenty of that stuff; billions worth of it, but I guess the American public has forgotten how well that went.

I wonder how the poor of South Carolina and America feel about Graham’s expansive mandate?

Recommended reading (for kids, too): “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades),” by Robert Spencer.

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‘Senators Lindsey Graham & John McCain Return To The Scene Of The Crime — Iraq’

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Daniel McAdams: “Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain have returned to the scene of the crime — Iraq — where the war they demanded has left the country shattered into a million bits with ISIS there to take care of the rebuilding. These two “experts” are forever wrong in their every utterance and policy position — remember how angry McCain became when it was pointed out that he was meeting with terrorists in Syria and telling us they were moderates? — yet the slavish US mainstream media continues to defer to their rotten judgement. Back in Iraq over the weekend, the Senators again pushed the only policy they know — war — demanding a fresh supply of young American meat to be ground up in Iraq and Syria.” … MORE.

RON PAUL: “Before the US-led ‘regime change’ in Libya, Boko Haram were just a poorly-armed gang. Once Gaddafi was overthrown by the US and its NATO allies, leaving the country in chaos, they helped themselves to all the advanced weaponry they could get their hands on. Instead of just a few rifles they found themselves armed with rocket-propelled grenades, machine guns with anti-aircraft visors, advanced explosives, and vehicle-mounted light anti-aircraft artillery. Then they started killing on a massive scale. Now, according to the Global Terrorism Index, Boko Haram has overtaken ISIS as the world’s most deadly terrorist organization.” … MORE.

RELATED: “Classical Liberalism And State Schemes.”

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