Putting The Kibosh On Cultural Marxism

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Gov. Jan Brewer promises to be an interesting politician to watch (unlike Sister Sarah). She is known, of course, for Arizona’s immigration-enforcement law, SB 1070. And now, Gov. Brewer has signed “a bill aimed at ending ethnic studies in Tucson schools.” The New York Times is fuming:

“Under the law signed on Tuesday, any school district that offers classes designed primarily for students of particular ethnic groups, advocate ethnic solidarity or promote resentment of a race or a class of people would risk losing 10 percent of its state financing.

‘Governor Brewer signed the bill because she believes, and the legislation states, that public school students should be taught to treat and value each other as individuals and not be taught to resent or hate other races or classes of people,’ Paul Senseman, a spokesman for the governor, said in a statement on Thursday. … ‘The evidence is overwhelming that ethnic studies in the Tucson Unified School District teaches a kind of destructive ethnic chauvinism that the citizens of Tucson should no longer tolerate.'”


Individualism instead of collectivism? A liberal (in the classical sense) education instead of one premised on cultural Marxism? Sounds promising.

This stuff has no place in public schools. If La Raza want to “teach students about the marginalization of different groups in the United States through history,” let them take the “curriculum” to a private school.

17 thoughts on “Putting The Kibosh On Cultural Marxism

  1. George Pal

    The long nightmare that is the accredited recognition of the valuable contributions of our entitled ethnic enrichers to our nation has been stayed in one small dark corner of the land.

    Had I any rhythm I’d dance a jig.

    You’re right – Gov. Brewer bears watching… so too would a trend.

  2. Van Wijk

    The ethnic studies law is, in my opinion, far more important than the immigration law. While SB 1070 is technically non-racial, the underlying Immigration Issue in this country is certainly racial. Though they probably wouldn’t say so in polite company, the Arizonans simply do not want to be colonized by hostile alien peoples. If the border were sealed but legal 3rd-world immigration largely increased, the end result would be much the same. Therefore, this is less about “rule of law” than it is about cultural survival.

    Now with this ethnic studies bill, the racial aspect is made explicit. This law applies to all hostile Latinos in Arizona, regardless of their immigration status. This is the first step toward the historical people standing up for themselves.

    And none of it would have been possible under President McCain.

  3. Brett Gerasim

    Brewer has done lots of good things for the cause of liberty as of late, including the signing of the Constitutional Carry bill and a Tenth Amendment-based measure relating to firearms sales involving a manufacturer within the state and a resident of the state. It was patterned on the measure that passed in Montana recently.

    There is one big problem for Brewer, who is heading into an election this year, and that is her support for the “temporary” sales tax increase referendum, which goes to Arizona voters this Tuesday. AZGOP’s support of the measure has not won them friends on the harder right end of the spectrum, which generally sees no need to preserve the massive growth in spending that occurred over the past few years. Her move on the other issues is positive in my view, and if she is hitting four out of five out of the park, that is quite a bit better than Palin or most other Republicans at this point.

  4. Jacynthe

    I’m pretty much fine with this. I imagine it’d help people to integrate.

  5. Robert Glisson

    “LETTING CHICANOS HAVE A CULTURE” I would like for TINTIN to explain where not teaching a subject prevents a race or group of people have a culture. I have a Celtic ancestry, Ilana, a Jewish cultural history, other readers here have different cultural histories. None of us attended a public school that taught us our culture, we picked it up from our families. If the public school teaches culture, then it will be the government’s version of culture (to fit the government’s goal) that’s taught and not the student’s which is the real Marxism. Arizona is only taking the government propaganda out, not the culture.

  6. Barbara Grant

    Another one to watch is Frank Antenori http://www.vote4frank.com/ whose CNN video clip you posted earlier.

    Antenori ran in the Republican primary several years ago to fill retiring Jim Kolbe’s Congressional seat. He had very little name recognition and didn’t do too well. Perhaps that will change.

  7. Roy Bleckert

    Jan also signed HB 2629 which ended DeFacto Gun registration in AZ


    IM – “Gov. Jan Brewer promises to be an interesting politician to watch”

    Agreed … but I think we should watch Jan as well as others with a jaundiced eye

    This is a election year & Jan is running for reelection

    How many times have we seen politicos sign all kinds of good bills when they are running for reelection ?

    Only to make a 180 after they are elected & start back on the Statist Agenda

    Jan is staking out lots of Freedom & Liberty positions now

    The Key to watch is how she governs if she wins in Nov. ?

    As in today we need to educate the politicos in the principals of Freedom & Liberty… & this does not stop after Nov. 2 2010

  8. Myron Pauli

    Next thing, some one will say that there is not a huge demand in Silicon Valley for experts in the field of….

    [Choose one or more:] (1) Whites (2) Hetero-males (3) Christians (4) English speakers – are evil, nefarious, diabolical exploiters of [fill in name of oppressed group here].

    If there ever was a self-fulfilling prophecy, it is filling the heads of people with this Professional Victimology. Those who take this nonsense (a) miss out on real subjects such as chemistry and (b) walk around with resentments and impaired ability to work with those outside the selected group of Anointed Victims. The only worse nonsense is to teach non-English (Ebonics or Bilingualism), which puts more burdens on minorities by keeping them ignorant.

    By the way, among Americans, the average Asian lives to 85, white 76, and blacks 70 – so I guess the Asian Americans are victimizing the rest of the population.

    While I prefer the government to get entirely out of the school, Arizona is doing a good job by favoring a classic universal education over Cultural Marxism.

  9. Roger Chaillet

    Mexicans suffer from a cultural inferiority complex. The Latina mother of the mayor of San Antonio hates the Alamo. http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2512655/posts

    You can see it too in the photos of the Brown Berets in Tucson. They talk about the “theft” of the Southwest from the mythical tribe known as La Raza.

    And the reason why they hate the Alamo and talk about the reconquista is because their contributions to this country are de minimus.

    This is what really bugs them. Tens of millions of Mexicans have contributed little but Tex-Mex food to this country.

    So, some of them have to compensate by concocting Big Lies about how “their” land was stolen from them or how they “hate” the Alamo. And the mayor’s mother? She doesn’t hate the Alamo; she hates the fact that Anglo-Saxons won. I’d call this racist, but this word has become almost meaningless in contemporary culture.

  10. Roy Bleckert

    BG – Kind of like The Law of Unintended Consequences ?

    If Barry was not elected, Napolitano would still be the Gov. vetoing Russ Pearce’s & others great bills that Brewer signed

    So there is some good to come from Barry getting elected (AZ taking a stand on key issues ) & as I have said it took Barry getting elected, to start waking peeps up to the destruction of Freedom & Liberty that has been going on for far to long

    Just some storm clouds to watch out for with Jan, her support of a Sales Tax increase in AZ


    “Gov. Jan Brewer, a Republican, has championed a three-year, 1-cent-per-dollar sales-tax hike as a way to deal with Arizona’s budget crisis.”

    We in Ca can tell AZ how that will work out (& it is not a pretty picture)

    IIRC she has been grabbing at Barry’s stimulus money tree also ?

    & she’s from Hollywood Ya Know LOLLL !!!!

  11. Roger Chaillet

    There is never a budget crisis when it comes to elected officials.

    It’s always a funding crisis.

    Tax payers have budget crises.

    Governments do not.

  12. james huggins

    Whether you have a “minority” of blacks,hispanics, muslims or Borneo head hunters, it’s accepted, even encouraged in the world of academia from kindergarten to grad school to hate the United states and American culture. Anything to the oposite such as teaching love of country, even if no group is mentioned, is taboo. I think this move by the state of Arizona is significant. One can sit back and watch the howling detractors to see why.

  13. Richard

    There is some very good 20th Century Spanish-American literature. I love Cabrera-Infante and Fuentes but I do not think the are part of ‘chicano’ culture.

  14. Robert Glisson

    “she hates the fact that Anglo-Saxons won.” Hollywood never gets things right, but even John Wayne had Hispanics defending the walls of the Alamo. I don’t have my copy of the names of the men that died in defense of the Alamo, but if memory serves me correctly, over half of the names on that list is Spanish. Texas had a comparatively small Anglo population until after the war of secession. Almost all of the border states grew after eighteen seventy when the North began to push its immigrants west. I can be wrong, but I think the Mayor’s mother is more loyal to the country of Mexico, than her race.

  15. Derek

    BG – Kind of like The Law of Unintended Consequences ?

    If Barry was not elected, Napolitano would still be the Gov. vetoing Russ Pearce’s & others great bills that Brewer signed

    Yes things would be worse if Barry weren’t elected. Napolitano would still be the Governor and McCain would be the President pushing for amnesty.

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