White Millennials Are Not Complete Morons

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Scroll down to the “Vote by Age and Race” breakdown, on CNN. Buried in the exit poll analysis was this tidbit:

Whites aged 18-29 years backed Mitt Romney by 51 percent to 44 percent, giving the Republican candidate an 11 percent edge. (And remember that, “Ultimately, elections are about perception—the way in which the people perceive the political planks of the two parties. The American people perceive the Democratic Party as the party of entitlements. They think of the Republican Party as the party of austerity.” To the extent they cast a vote for the latter, to that extent they are against the moocher mentality.)

No longer able to ignore the differing racial voting patterns that emerged in the 2012 election, USA Today seconded the above fact in the analysis titled, “A nation moving further apart.”

“Among younger voters, African Americans and Hispanics slipped slightly in their support [for BHO]; the significant erosion was among whites under 30. In 2008, they had backed Obama by 10 points. This time, they support [sic] Romney by eight.”

The sense of loss is etched allover these fresh faces.

Oops: The most celebrated, centrally planned, multicultural mobocracy has failed. You win some you lose some, right? What’s a country between friends, hey? I hope the gamble was worth it.

My, my, and how individuals like Dick Morris muddied matters.