Updated: ‘Nothing Is Going To Happen To Me, Man’

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Those were the immortal words of an inebriated illegal alien who rear ended an ass, State Rep. Mike Moran of Brighton (Boston), in what is described as a “serious car crash.”

Welcome to our world.

It’s a shame illegal aliens and terrorists invariably impact ordinary Americans only and not their political overlords. The ability of the political class to segregate itself and its progeny from the vagaries of every-day-life has a lot to do with the Us Vs. Them policies under which their subjects labor.

The illegal aliens’ response is a perfectly logical one. All natural-born predators respond in this way to the left-liberal, progressive worldview that perverts and pervades the society around them (from its laws to its child rearing practices).

“Comprehensive immigration reform” type “solutions” to trespass and other domestic terrorism practiced by non-honkies are nothing but euphemisms for no legal enforcement, no consequences such as deportation, and little inconvenience.

The end result of such positive reinforcement of bad behavior is, invariably, an ugly, corrupt country, one in which, by legal decree, the righteous suffer and the wicked prosper.

Progressive policies lead to a regressive society.

UPDATE (May 24): “Jury hands down 1st conviction in Newark illegal alien gang massacre,” writes Michelle Malkin, who’s always top-notch on the invasion issue.

Read Ms. Malkin’s entire report of this crime, one among a critical mass of murders committed by illegals. The details read like crimes in South Africa, down to the machete action to severe and disfigure.

Here’s the tale of a rapist, whose repeat record of crimes against Americans entitled him to a Catch-and-Release visa granted by the Traitor Class.

And a “Serial drunk driver. Countless trips through the revolving door. Immigration status ignored. Now, a four-year-old girl dead. Her mother and brother hospitalized.”

The salient point in these many reports is the progressive laws that prohibit law enforcement from ascertaining whether the individual is in the country illegally.

Arizona’s law allows questioning about an individual’s immigration status only pursuant to a brush with the law. It’s a little late after a little cherub such as this one is dispatched to the next world by the detritus of humanity.

(Via MM.com)

YOU TOO CHANDRA LEVY? What do you know? While the mindless media steered the investigation into the disappearance of CL in the direction of some hapless, middle-class man, the second most famous intern in the US might have been murdered by an import, a habitual rapist—and a recipient of the catch-and-release visa. Just the sort of individual who was the object of the late Levy’s pity and Democratic activism.

Mighty Malkin is similarly relentless in tracking rancher Robert Krentz’s murder (mention his dog, if you want Chris Matthews or Maddow to take an interest).

6 thoughts on “Updated: ‘Nothing Is Going To Happen To Me, Man’

  1. Roy Bleckert

    “Progressive policies lead to a regressive society.”

    No truer words have ever been spoken !

  2. james huggins

    It’s the same old deal. The politicians see the millions of illegals as a giant voting block as well as a mass recruiting pool for their union buddies. The rest of us work-a-day, law abiding, tax paying schmoes don’t count. We are already here and supporting these sams politicians as well as the illegals. We don’t count. As long as we know our place and don’t get uppity and start demanding the same consideration from the government that it gives to illegals we are tolerated. If we actually demand the consideration due to American citizens we are branded as racists and potential terrorists. I don’t know about you folks, but I’m sick of this mess and have been for a long time.

  3. Big Swede

    When I read James Huggins words I can only think one thing: No, not there also! Regarding Sweden, I could have written, word for word, exactly the same comment as James did.

    Is there any western country left were the government shows at least some kind of basic respect for the own inhabitants?

    Please inform me if such a country can be found!

    (Is Switzerland a candidate?! Maybe?)

  4. George Pal

    “Everything human and divine sacrificed to the idol of public credit,” – Edmund Burke
    (‘credit’ defined in its archaic use, meaning good reputation)

    Virtue has been taken hostage in defense of the perverts and criminal class. Those in public life would rather civilization crumble about their heads than have their intimacy with virtue and their public credit questioned. Courage is also a virtue; unfortunately, the rarest in evidence.

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