Bakari Sellers Steps Out As The New Star In The ‘Racism-Industrial-Complex’

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Bakari Sellers, a presentable young man, is a CNN commentator, a lawyer in a lucrative practice, and, naturally, a radical progressive. Here he is speaking on personal matters in what is clearly an accent almost indistinguishable from that of his CNN host.

A man with the political promise of Sellers, Esq., would be remiss if he didn’t entrench himself in the “Racism-Industrial-Complex” (Jack Kerwick’s coinage for this shakedown fraternity).

So, Sellers has joined the usual suspects, members of the “Racism-Industrial-Complex,” in doing battle against an embattled police force for the killing of one Andrew Brown Jr, “fatally shot by cops last week in Elizabeth City, [North Carolina, I believe] where witnesses say he was driving away when deputies opened fire on him. After the shooting, 7 deputies were placed on administrative leave and 3 resigned.” (TMZ)

I note that Laura Ingraham, far from a favorite of mine (see “A Traditionalist Lesson For Laura Ingraham“), had picked up on the issue of Sellers’ new twang. On that we can agree.

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