When A Mountain Of Flesh, Ma’Khia Bryant, Attacks …

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When a mountain of feral flesh, Ma’Khia Bryant, attacks with what appears to be an intent to kill another—a concept is conjured from the Idiot’s arsenal to blame uninvolved whites, and their society at large.

Black girls, explains the New York Times’ resident idiot, have a “unique burden”:

In media coverage, Ms. Bryant has consistently been referred to as a woman, and her behavior and her body size have been scrutinized to suggest that she presented a large, uncontainable threat to everyone at the scene.

“It’s called adultification bias.”

Hard to keep up with how stupid and immoral America has become.

In reality, “Officer Nicholas Reardon’s body camera shows Bryant with a knife in hand, lunging towards a young woman who is pinned against a car. As Bryant reaches back with the knife, Reardon fires four shots.”

That cuddly “kid” was about to kill. She needed killing.

One thought on “When A Mountain Of Flesh, Ma’Khia Bryant, Attacks …

  1. Jacquelyn Bauer

    Words matter. Actions matter. After seeing and hearing what was said about the policeman who saved the girl’s life from the other girl who was trying to stab her to death, I wish every police department would resign enmass. Let the people know what you get for your words and your vote. It is not the predominantly white neighborhoods that would descend into chaos. Since the minorities won’t stand up for the police let them live without them. Let them call BLM when they need help. We already see where the money they collected went. Not one cent was used for a black neighborhood. Harsh, I know, but no more than what they are asking for, by either their words or their silence.

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