Democracy In Egypt = Dar al-Islam

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Remember how members of the American chattering class, libertarians too, practically tripped over one another to show-off their solidarity with the popular uprising in Egypt?

Many of the same slobbering sorts failed to mention that, when he was not ordering rendition and torture in the service of the US, Mubarak’s dictatorial powers were directed, unjustly indubitably, against the Islamic fundamentalists of the Muslim brotherhood. He kept them in check. All in all, Mubarak protected the endangered Coptic Christians of Egypt, who form “one-tenth of the 80 million people.”

So many neocons and liberals came down on Obama, his VP, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when they responded with “old-school diplomacy” to the developments on Israel’s southern border. The opposition wanted BHO to be less low key about the lovely rebels. BHO eventually complied.

PBS refuses to identify the 26 “protesters” who were killed in yesterday’s “sectarian” clashes in Egypt between Muslim and Christians. I wager that the Christian Coptic community stands less of a chance now that Mubarak is gone.

RAY SUAREZ: Some 1,000 Christians gathered last night to protest the slow response of the military government to Muslim attacks on Coptic churches, but the peaceful protest quickly grew into a melee, as Christians, Muslims and security forces battled in the streets.

DAVID KIRKPATRICK of the New York Times attests to the fact that what started as “a demonstration, a peaceful march that began in the neighborhood of Shoubra—Copts demonstrating over the attack on a church in the southern part of Egypt—“ended with “the security forces… driving a trucks into the Coptic Christian protesters and firing ammunition also at the protesters. So, today, we had bodies that were badly mangled by those vehicles and others that had those bullet wounds.”

“The Christian minority [lost] a protector in Hosni Mubarak,” admitted KIRKPATRICK.

But no. “Yesterday wasn’t a clash between Muslim and Christians, but it was led by thugs who want to stab the revolution and the political process,” said one of Egypt’s new “son of 60 dogs” (an Egyptian expression for political master).

Nice try.

Egypt, like Iraq (where Saddam kept Muslim fanaticism in check), is destined to become Dar al-Islam (House of Islam)

The heyday for Iraq’s Christian community was under Saddam Hussein, when “Catholics made up 2.89 percent of Iraq’s population in 1980. By 2008,” thanks to the Bush pig, “they were merely 0.89 percent.” Iraq’s “dwindling Christian community,” “whose numbers have plummeted since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion as the community has fled to other countries,” has suffered a terrible loss today.

5 thoughts on “Democracy In Egypt = Dar al-Islam

  1. My RON-PAUL i

    Woodrow’s Ghost must be happy how we are still making the world SAFE FOR DEMOCRACY(not to mention theocracy).

    Yep, good old Woody who helped us to to war against the Evil (multiethnic) Hapsburg Empire and advocate Ethnic Self-Determination (which the “Greater Germans” achieved in 1938…. We’ve now had ethnic cleansings in the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Africa, Mess-O-Pot-Amia (Iraq), etc. since Woodrow’s vision was foisted on to the world.

    Where would the rest of the world be without our “help” – likely better off. Where would America be without its empire – very very much better off.

  2. Dennis

    There are other sites in which Copts are shown in a harsher light. It seems the pecking order is: Muslim Brotherhood – Other Muslims – Sunnis vs Shiites – Copts, Catholics, Christians – Jews.

    The Jews seem to be on the bottom rung of the ladder, don’t they?

    Zoroaster, the Persian, recognized there was “GOOD” and there was “EVIL”. I believe the OBJECTIVIST PHILOSOPHY, sans religion, recognizes that as well.
    The libertarian perspective does so too.

    So, why do Copts beat-down Jews when, if they were to unite to face a greater foe,they would have a much greater ability to defend themselves from a common evil???

    The hatreds are visceral. The entanglements Gordian. What would an omniscient, omnipotent “GOD of Justice and Mercy” do to stop and correct the situation? What would you do?

    Are the factions and fighting in Egypt and elsewhere foreshadowing the DAR-AL HARB future of Western Countries?

  3. Robert Glisson

    Egypt would be better recognized as a country following in Lebanon’s footsteps. The same results will occur. Surrounded by enemies as they are, I have no idea where the Christians can run to.

  4. robert

    These recent attacks on Coptic Christians are another example of “the overlap, and common principles of justice and progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings,” which Our Leader of the West shared with the Moslem world in one of his early presidential addresses.

    The irradication of the Christian problem in Iraq was an example of the neo-conservative approach to world peace. Export democracy through shock and awe, and import the poor huddled masses of refugees to Detroit, where they can live in peace and a land of their own. What a country !!

  5. Nebojsa Malic

    I can’t help but notice that every time there’s a Muslim pogrom against Christians, the mainstream Western media always call it “clashes.” As if there were two sides fighting…

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