UPDATED (1/31/022): Dispatch From Ottawa, Canada: ‘FUCK YOU, TRUDEAU’

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An intrepid, freedom-loving friend traveled from Quebec to Ottawa, Saturday, for the Truckers rally on Parliament Hill. It was, “A wonderful afternoon on Parliament Hill. There were tens of thousands of people, all peaceful and ranging in age from 1 to 91. And trucks galore with blasting horns. It felt more like a Canada Day celebration, but with lots of ‘fuck Trudeau’ chants”

He writes:

Ottawa, January 29, 2022

In Trudeau’s words, the protesters were just a fringe minority. A couple of extremists.

Borrowing a line from the great Johnny Cash, I came, I saw, and behold, I did see extremists on that frigid day of January in Ottawa… tens of thousands of them! And trucks as far as you could see with horns blaring, sounding like the last stand at Helm Hammerhand. What I saw was a multitude of amazingly good people who are:

Extreme in their love of Canada and their fellow citizens.
Extreme in their appreciation and respect of the Canadian constitution and Charter of Rights.
– Extreme in the defence of freedom of speech.
Extreme in the belief that mafia-style threats and coercion by government is an unacceptable way to rule.
Extreme in their conviction that forcing people to get injected with an experimental mRNA drug might not be a good idea, especially for kids and young adults who are not significantly affected by covid SARs-2, and anyone else, for that matter.

So yep, these were extremists, but that kind of extremism gives me hope that we, the people of Canada, are indeed a resilient, united, and spiritually healthy society that will outlast the ruling elite and keep in check their penchant for subversive, corrosive ideologies.

UPDATE: Justine Trudeau is on the run, fleeing like a girl…

UPDATE (1/31/022): Tucker Carlson, who has exposed Justine Trudeau in all his phony, moral and mental flaccidity, nevertheless will still persist in pretending the Trucker rally ending in Ottawa, Canada, was purely class based. Race is another variable—a blind-spot papered-over by conservatives who just want to be nice.

So, this Hard Truther, yours truly, put the question to our friend and correspondent, who had sent us the above touching impressions and images from Ottawa:

Question: The rally looked pretty white. Was there a noticeable multicultural participation?
Reply: I also noticed the majority white presence at the protest. There were North American Indians beating drums and chanting, which was pretty cool. They hate Trudeau even as he bends backwards trying to absolve the white man’s past crimes.

Indeed. “Conservatism’s perennial piñata,” our Amerindians, whose influence over our politics is pitifully negligible, still drum for freedom, somehow maintaining their hatred of the oppressive federal authorities, stateside, too—despite the nonsense neoconservative deity Dinesh D’Souza (and other like him) spouts about them.

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3 thoughts on “UPDATED (1/31/022): Dispatch From Ottawa, Canada: ‘FUCK YOU, TRUDEAU’

  1. Randall Allen

    In the words of Barry Goldwater, “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”

  2. Randall Allen

    “Justine Trudeau is on the run, fleeing like a girl…”
    Mrs. Mercer, I didn’t know you were a misogynist. kkkkkk (That’s Portuguese for hahahahaha.)

  3. John Corrigan

    Well written and very accurate I must say . Thank you !

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