UPDATED: LaHood Is Still In The Egyptian Hood

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Egypt’s road to majoritarian politics—which is what America demands for that country—is stalled at the military dictatorship stage. The latter is probably preferable to a people’s republic governed by the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party and the Salafist al-Nour Party, which won the ballot in the newly installed democracy. [BBC]

It is a fact—and three of the Republican presidential candidates will applaud it—that America runs community agitators across the world. These Republican- and Democratic Party Saul Alinskys (neoconservatives and neoliberals) work to incite democracy and undermine order. This has obtained with respect to both Bush, Obama (who are, to all intent and purposes, non-identical, evil ideological twins), and before them.

Could Egypt’s leader, Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, be hip to the ill-effects of American community organizing abroad? Egyptian authorities have stopped Sam LaHood from leaving Egypt.

In addition to being the son of Ray LaHood, the secretary of transportation and a former Republican congressman from Illinois, LaHood heads the International Republican Institute, an American-backed democracy-building group. (Neocon meddlers.)

He is “one of six Americans working for the Republican Institute or its sister organization, the National Democratic Institute.” Obama had a fit. Ditto the Republicans. LaHood’s their operative.

Representative Frank R. Wolf, a Republican from Virginia who serves on the House Appropriations Committee, said the Egyptian government continued to flout American efforts and to undermine democratic rights. “This is out of control,” Mr. Wolf said on Thursday. “If the administration follows the law, there’s no way they can continue the aid.”


A tug of war between Washington and Cairo over American aid for Egyptian human rights and democracy-building groups goes back to the era of former President Hosni Mubarak. To maintain control over organizations that might pose potential challenges to his government, Mr. Mubarak required nonprofit groups to obtain licenses, which were almost never issued.
Instead, the generals have echoed the Mubarak government’s refrain that any unrest was the work of “foreign hands.” Often, the military-led government has pointed specifically at Washington, suggesting that the United States was financing Egyptian groups behind the frequent turmoil in the streets.


And the aforementioned Generals may have a point. Ask the Ukraine (“Orange” Revolution), Georgia (“Rose”), Lebanon (“Cedar”), Kyrgizstan (“Tulip”), etc. Attempts to foment revolution are probably underway in Belarus, Russia, Iran, Syria (pending).

Read more about “The Technique of a Coup d’État,” and the “Invasion of the Mind Snatchers.”

UPDATE (Jan. 30): “The God that Failed,” via Nebojsa Malic:

Parallel to the open warfare, the Empire continues its cloak-and-dagger efforts to subvert target states through “color revolutions.” The latest target is Russia, where questionable claims of electoral fraud have been used as a pretext for the “White” revolution – planned, organized and financed by Washington.
The troubles with these faux-revolutions are many. One of the most pernicious, of course, is that they undermine the very concept of democracy as a system of government by consent. In the virtual world of the Empire (and its EU extension), only those that serve and obey are “democrats,” regardless of what they actually believe and how many votes they get at the polls. As Philip Cunliffe observed several years ago in Serbia, “what counts as democracy is what the EU decides is democratic, and the democrats are those who are anointed by the international community, regardless of who actually receives the votes.”
It is bad enough that the Empire made democracy a religion, and a false one at that. Now it is going around the world subverting that very religion, leaving millions of cheated, angry people in its wake. Worse yet, the tendrils of this approach are showing up at home, from street protests to party primaries.

4 thoughts on “UPDATED: LaHood Is Still In The Egyptian Hood

  1. Robert Glisson

    Once in 1960 I saw on television the premier of the USSR, slam his shoe on the table in the UN. “We will bury you and you will sell us the shovel” I didn’t understand that; but, joined the Navy a couple of months later. Now, I understand and am watching the last shovelfuls come flying our way. Everything we exported has come home to roost, I wonder how much longer the ‘revolution’ is away.

  2. My RON-PAUL i

    In 1750, it seemed crazy to think that France (for example) would ever have some sort of stable republic – the first (Robespierre) Republic was worse than the absolute Monarchy …. – it took another 100 years or so (the Third Republic) but these things had to be done by the French People – not imposed by outsiders….

    But the US learns nothing. I see nothing good coming of US interventionism – at best, a temporary “ally” like the Shah can emerge and when he gets bumped off, the population hates our guts even more.

  3. AJ

    The further society drifts from the Truth, the more it hates those who speak it…

  4. Bob Harrison

    There is no Republican challenger that will likely be able to unseat Obama in 2012. I doubt this really matters because only Ron Paul would really change the status quo for Israel, and the Republican Machine is against him more than they are against Comrade Obama. As you understand and articulate beautifully, Israel would be just fine (and better off) without the US trying to incorporate her into a greater Middle East strategy. American economic interests often favor anti-Israeli (and for that matter, anti-American) Arab dictators, so it is best that these interests have no influence on American foreign policy and simply use their (substantial) economic resources abroad.
    It still amazes me how naive our public intellectuals (I’m the naive one to be amazed!) are about the Muslim world. The vaunted AKP in Turkey has taken over, rather than eradicated, the “deep state” that runs Turkish affairs. The “Arab Spring” is a splendid opportunity for Turkey to expand her influence in what was her imperial domain for nearly half a millennium, and all it will cost is their relationship with Israel.
    Assad, the SCAF in Egypt, and other groups that oppose Turkish influence are going to be deposed in “glorious people’
    s revolutions.”
    Let’s just hope that Iraq draws Turkey and Iran into conflict. History certainly indicates such a scenario is likely.

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