Updated: Meaningless Musical Chairs

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The parties are exchanging spit:

MSNBC: “Republican Sen. Arlen Specter disclosed plans Tuesday to switch parties, bringing Democrats closer to the 60-vote supermajority they need to push Barack Obama’s agenda through the Senate.”

The imagery conjured by defections, or ideological spit swapping, between Republicans and Democrats, in my mind, is of two colossal, identical amoebas occasionally allowing their semi-permeable cell walls to open and merge with a biologically compatible, primitive organism. In fact, that’s the perfect, dynamic metaphor for our two-party system.

Although dyed-in-the-wool party parrots will disagree, based on fact, reality, and policy prescriptions, the differences between the parties exist along a continuum; are quantitative, not qualitative.

As I said in “The Commie Who Controls the Economy From the Grave”:

“How much to hand out; who to hand it to; which handout makes the best use of taxpayer money; do the Big Three submit a business plan with their bailout requisitions, or not—that’s the depth of the ‘philosophical’ to-be-or-not-to-be among Republikeynsians.”

Mercer in 2006: “What we have now is a cartel, the traditional ideological differences between the political parties having been permanently blurred.”

The solution?

Mercer in 2006: “Antitrust laws ought to be deployed, not against business, but to bust this two-party monopoly, which subverts competition in government and rewards the colluding quislings with sinecures in perpetuity.”

Update: Look at the bright side. The political developments have steered Commissar Keith of MSNBC away from lamenting, night after night, the damage water boarding has wrought on Abu Zubaydah’s bladder, to speculating how Specter’s defection will help his man Obama’s agenda.

2 thoughts on “Updated: Meaningless Musical Chairs

  1. Steve Hogan

    Here’s a typical conversation I have with Big Government Lovers (BGL):

    Me: Why don’t you like monopolies?

    BGL: Because the lack of competition means poor service and high prices.

    Me: So true! And the largest monopoly in world history is the US government. Crappy service and high prices.

    BGL: That’s different!

    Me: Right.

    I’m not sure how well anti-trust laws would work, as the people enforcing them would be none other than the government hacks themselves. Written constitutions don’t work either, and for the same reason.

    The real solution: secession.

  2. John Danforth

    You think of amoebas, but I get an image of Jabba The Hutt.

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