UPDATED: NEW COLUMN: Beethoven & Bach ARE THE WEST, Not Cardi B, Kanye, Rihanna

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NEW COLUMN IS “Beethoven & Bach ARE THE WEST, Not Cardi B, Kanye, Rihanna.” It was a feature on WND, The New American, Unz Review and Townhall.com.

Now easily accessed and read on IlanaMercer.com: https://www.ilanamercer.com/2023/02/beethoven-bach-west-not-cardi-b-kanye-rihanna/


…  THE ONLY SUBSTANTIVE CONSERVATIVE CASE to make over the Grammys is that it signifies the complete loss of immutable artistic standards. For while artistic taste is subjective and personal; artistic standards are everywhere and always objective.

Nobody looking at, and listening to, the 2023 Grammys should dare talk about beauty—of melody or movement—harmony (as in consonance and counterpoint), chord progression, and a facility with musical instruments, for these were nowhere apparent. Better melodic progression is to be found in “Baa, Baa, Black Sheep” and “Three Blind Mice.”

Nobody watching these erogenous-zone centered extravaganzas, for which the celebrity Idiocracy clapped like clapped-out whores, should dare conclude anything but this:

The Grammys were about the end of art—about the loss of all meritocratic, objective standards in art.

THE TRUE MEANING OF THE WEST is not to be found in the staged acts of ugly exhibitionists and filthy pornographers who bedeck our cultural and sporting events, the likes of loud, lousy Lizzo, a mountain of meritless flesh, and the Sam Smith Sicko—demented degenerates who are all engaged in publicly tolerated indecent exposure and tuneless yelping, that not even the Auto-tune magic software, the “holy grail of recording” technology, can correct.

THE MEANING OF THE WEST is not in this ghastly culture, in which our kids, liberal and conservative, are allowed to wallow, or in our ugly, grubby, tit-for-tat politics.

IT’S NOT in the Woke, postmodern perverts degrading the language, literature, music, art and sciences.

IT’S NOWHERE IN THE COVID CARTEL and its army of goons, medical and bureaucratic, devoid of intelligence and bereft of proficiency in anything but the use of force.

The aforementioned are imposters, interlopers; frauds, freaks and fetishists.

Beethoven is The West. It’s men like Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Schubert, Brahms, Bruckner, Debussy, César Franck, Dvorák, Tchaikovsky (a Russian homosexual, whose manly music could never be queered), Elgar, Fauré and more—they embody The West. They and the many young performers furthering their work, the work of the Lord, are examples of the best of the West. …

…READ THE REST. “Beethoven & Bach ARE THE WEST, Not Cardi B, Kanye, Rihanna” was a feature on WND, The New American, Unz Review and Townhall.com.

It’s now here, on IlanaMercer.com: https://www.ilanamercer.com/2023/02/beethoven-bach-west-not-cardi-b-kanye-rihanna/

6 thoughts on “UPDATED: NEW COLUMN: Beethoven & Bach ARE THE WEST, Not Cardi B, Kanye, Rihanna

  1. Not Convinced

    The enjoyment of B-B-B (Bach, Beethoven and Brahms) and others, has not pleased me from just the complex and interwoven voices, SATB, the beautiful multifaceted melodies, multiple rises and falls of the dynamics, the subtle and large textures of the violin, woodwind families, but also the intricate stories told of relationships between the various sections of the orchestra or the small groupings in a quartet or other small ensembles. It is music that tells complex stories, and therefore involves complex emotional patterns, that encourage a dialog between listener, performer and composer. If you participate it asks that you call upon the best in your ability to crystalize the ideals that the emotional side of the music evokes. It asks you to be a human being, not a grunting, rutting beast of the farm yard.

  2. Matt C.

    Appreciate you reminding, Ilana, that there’s great music in Beethoven’s 9th symphony which precedes the choral part (the 1st and 2nd? movement). I like choral music a lot, but the 9th’s choral part, I guess, got so overplayed for me. So, I mainly listened to his first 8 symphonies, plus his string quartets (love string quartet music) and chamber music. So then, when one time I knew his 9th was being played from the beginning, I listened, and really liked the non choral music of the 9th. I put a question mark around 2nd, because I’m not sure how the 9th is divided. I know most of his symphonies have 4 parts. I don’t know, maybe the 9th is just two parts and the choral is part of the 2nd movement. Anyway, thanks.

  3. Theo

    Hi Ilana,

    In my opinion the disgraceful exhibition of satanic worship is abominable. To consider it freedom of expression is ignorance of the intention and potential consequences of youth or unknowing people to accept such behavior. I saw some posts that where not banned regarding the call of a night to worship the Devil. From Jlo dancing on stripper pole at halftime to this kind of exposure. The intention is 2 fold Ilana, first to try to open a portal for dark entities. In their desires give the dark a justification or reason to harass an uneducated population. Secondly to become more acceptable or normalized thus furthering first objective.
    This shows we still have our Light as one nation under God or the darker realm would not be so desperate and bodacious in attempts to cast a cloud of darkness upon our people. The saying goes the Devil knows his time is short thus he acts more desperate in the War for souls. It in a way proves the existence of both evil and goodness. This life and the after life. ? or ? whom will thou serve ?
    Some say drats I hate when people type such things for my life has not lent itself to some basic tenants to live by. Even though offered to them to repent or as Christ said Go and Sin no more.
    Most accept a Creator or Supreme being of some kind yet in part due to differences of understanding divisions among peoples exist.

    We live in miraculous times Ilana, we are actually able to see these things coming to pass. One need only to check around a bit and come to their own understanding. I do not want to convey preachy type language dear lady, however this is imperative that people know what they actually are seeing and it is not a comparison of musicians. It is exposure to evil rituals and practices. You are very well educated and indeed gifted with writing skills. Perhaps one day we will be able to talk or correspond. I can just forgive your attempt to belittle me regarding acquisition of one of your books or you could apologize for the misunderstanding. The choice is yours Ilana Mercer. Truth be told, I would not even bother to write a reply if I harbored resentment.

  4. Matt C.

    The late Peter S. Ruckman (I know, “Who was Ruckman?” He was born in the early 1920’s. Interesting man. Had quite the testimony. Prolific. He said he read the Harvard Five Foot Shelf Books of Classics and Encyclopedia Britannica through, every page, every volume. In certain circles, he was beloved, and other circles reluctantly respected but disdained.) said the following about music in his book “Music And Musicians.” He said beginning with the Baroque era, (Handel, Bach, Vivaldi) music was aimed, more or less, at the spirit of man. And music then was composed for music’s sake. I think Ruckman included the Classical era in that regard as well. In the Classical period (Haydn, Mozart, C.P.E. Bach), and maybe some into the Romantic period, music was aimed at man’s soul. In the Romantic period, (Beethoven, Brahms, Schumann) I think Ruckman said it was aimed at the soul some, but then into the modern era (Debussy, Gershwin) and into our day the music took aim at the body, the sensual, and amplified on that part of our being. One of his favorite symphonies was Schubert’s”Great” symphony. He liked Haydn a lot (me too). I thought it was interesting what he said, and it’s hard for me to disagree much with those observations. I think, too, he had been a drummer for a little while in that big band era. He was familiar with the the power of “In The Mood,” and like music.

  5. Matt C.

    Another Bible class I’m taking (at home watching the classes on DVD’s), besides Genesis, is Matthew. In a recent lesson the teacher talked about how in the Bible directions are very important to God. The wise men are from the east. They go west seeking the king. The door of the Tabernacle was to face east. So, when one went in and on into the Holy of Holies, that man the priest was going west. It is the most profitable direction to go in in the Bible. Adam and Eve went eastward from the garden. Cain went eastward. Jacob went eastward from Esau. When Jacob went home, it was westward. Abraham went west when he was called. Israel entered the promised land from the east across the Jordan. When Israel went into captivity, it was east. The image in Daniel 2 lays east to west. Jesus entered Jerusalem from the east. In Acts 16, Paul went west. He was forbidden to go to Asia. There’s probably more examples. It’s interesting. I can’t recall the exact directions of the pyramids and sphinx and the Nile in Egypt, it would be interesting to be reminded. One teacher thinks the power and know how to build them came from the sons of God of Gen. 6 (fallen angels). He said they were made, in part, to help them escape the flood. That, was a fascinating lesson.

  6. Matt C.

    I failed to mention that when the sons of God made the pyramids and sphinx to help themselves escape the coming judgement of the flood (from this study I saw), they made these amazing structures to align with certain sections or specific areas of the 2nd heaven from which they came.

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