NEW COLUMN: UPDATED III (11/15): Trump Going Beast Mode: Dissident Donald’s Parallel Presidency

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NEW COLUMN is “Trump Going Into Beast Mode: Dissident Donald’s Parallel Presidency.” It appeared on WND and the Unz Review. It is now a feature on American Greatness.

An excerpt:

… The presidency was Donald J. Trump dabbling at Establishment respectability. From now on, he’ll be running a populist movement, perhaps a new party—for he owns the Republican Party—parallel to an administration that’s viewed by 72 million Deplorables as illegitimate.

Under the Harris Administration, “The Process of Trump” will continue apace. As outlined in my book “The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed,” that process consists of “action and counteraction, force and counterforce in the service of liberty.” It’ll see Trump, a political Samson, continue to threaten to bring the rotting house crashing down on its patrons. And he’ll do so as the parallel president.

Democracy is when everything is up for grabs without constitutional limits. Globalism is an extension of that. Globalism Trump has exposed as democracy on a global scale, funded by Americans.

Trump’s latest, inadvertent victory is to unmask raw, ripe, unfettered democracy as a travesty to all, unworkable except in a territory the size of the ancient Athenian polis, or maybe modern-day Monaco, at most Liechtenstein or Estonia.

Democracy is toxic, from both party perspectives—especially since we no longer have a republic where the central authority has limited and delimited powers.

Distilled, this is the meaning of the elections: 77,170,769 million people, or 50.8% of those who voted, not of the people, get to impose their will on 72,057,511, or 47.5% of the voters, as well as on the millions who didn’t vote.

The healthiest and most intuitive response to deep-seated, irreconcilable unhappiness—political or personal—is to peacefully exit the abusive relationship.

Above and beyond holding rallies and countering the Kamala Administration policies—Donald J. Trump will catalyze many more creative, informal acts of secession. Patriots will congregate in compounds of likeminded individuals. They’ll migrate virtually to Parler, the Free Speech Social Network. And they’ll withdraw en masse from the miseducation system (primary, secondary and tertiary).

Two parallel nations and attendant presidencies will form. The low-grade upheaval against Deep State and Deep Tech will continue apace. And the sprawling political machine that makes up the D.C. Comitatus will keep writhing like a fire-breathing mythical monster in the throes of death. All good things.

To borrow and bowdlerize William Butler Yeats’ “The Second Coming” (1865-1939):

“Things fall apart; the center cannot hold; mere [secession] is loosed upon the world.”

NEW COLUMN is “Trump Going Into Beast Mode: Dissident Donald’s Parallel Presidency.” It appeared on WND and the Unz Review. It is now a feature on American Greatness

UPDATED I: ON “Trump Going Beast Mode,” Mr. .357 x 6 (love that bullet) writes at WND what readers have written for … 20 yrs., every other week. Is that my batting average? LOL.

357×6 • an hour ago

Aside from the quoted – and still unconfirmed – poll numbers, your article deserves 6 stars on the 5 star scale.
The best I read from you, Ilana. Cheers.


UPDATE III (11/15): Trump Going Into Beast Mode “Dissident Donald” will be rising now for real.

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