Peter McCullough On The Greatest Failure In American Medicine: COVID-19

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Peter McCullough: The most brilliant, independent thinker on Covid19, speaks with the fluidity of a savant on the greatest failure in American medicine.

Group think gripping Americans, in general, institutionalized, intellectual atrophy and ineptness stopped doctors from doing what medicine had always done: come up with a combination of drugs to treat outpatients, and treat them early, so as to reduce hospitalizations and mortality.

Other than a few thinkers like this man and our friends at the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Jane Orient’s org., and America’s Frontline Doctors, nobody could muster an original idea of how to put drugs together to treat the illness early. Not a single innovator, independent doctor, academic medical center; not the venerable NIH or CDC helped a single outpatient. Covid was so obviously treatable within the outpatient paradigm.

Nobody in the medical community (overrun by obedient authoritarian women worriers, not warriors) said, “Do the best you can for your patients with what you have.” If anything, early treatment was suppressed—globally—even criminalized, despite the immutable medical fact that just about every single disease does better when treated. “Wait until you can’t breathe, then go to the ER,” patients were instructed.

Medical maleficence!

Dr. McCullough has published over 40 peer-review papers on COVID alone.

Long version:

Abbreviated presentation:

MORE: “Pathophysiologic Rationale for Early Ambulatory Treatment for #COVID19 as an Emergency Response to the Pandemic.”

2 thoughts on “Peter McCullough On The Greatest Failure In American Medicine: COVID-19

  1. Robert Ehrler

    Bless you Ilana for making this available. Thank you for your courage.

  2. Stephen H. Weiner

    His clarity of expression about the relevant distinctions and issues is wonderful. I took away from this his thoughts on Group fear, group think, age stratification, obesity, hospitalization and death, Early Treatment, inept massive blunders by Federal Agencies. Don’t wait it out…

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