Refugees In The Failed State of Iraq

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Saddam Hussein ruled over what the state department considered a rogue state, Iraq. The US eliminated Hussein and invaded his country (not in that order). Thanks to the American invasion, Iraq is now a failed state, where the politically weak are forsaken, and a muscular majority exercises its authority (a dispensation also known as democracy). The deposed dictator had kept a lid on the cauldron of sectarian strife, now boiling over in Iraq.

I’ve covered the plight of the millions of Iraqi refugees we helped uproot.

Against the backdrop of “Obama basking in the Iraq withdrawal” comes a reality check: a report, via CNN, on those Iraqis who have been internally displaced.

While war supporters may console themselves with the fact that “displacement is not new in Iraq,” as this Brookings-Institute observes, Iraq since the blessings of Bush is suffering a displacement crisis.

3 thoughts on “Refugees In The Failed State of Iraq

  1. My RON PAUL i

    John Quincy Adams in 1821 said that America does not go around “in search of monsters to destroy” – but that was THEN…

    Nowadays, we do one better – we destroy old ones and manufacture new ones at the same time. We knock off Saddam and create 2 million external and 2 million internal refugees – easy terrorist fodder for the future. We wipe out 20 Taliban and 20 innocents in a bomb attack and create another 100 relatives of the 20 innocents now signed up to shoot at us…..

    Sort of like a planned obscalescence – the War on Evil Terrorists will go on forever keeping the Warfare State in business (and all the feds and contractors involved in the “business”)…

  2. Robert Glisson

    This is a “Father forgive them for they know not what they do” situation. I would like to say that; however, there is no way I can summon up that much compassion for Bush or Obama. The compassion for both Muslim and Christian refugees is thwarted in the knowledge that no matter how much I open my purse-strings, only a trickle will arrive at their door and even then no help will be forthcoming. Even now, they are targeting the last refuge, Syria and soon enough, it will grow even more.

  3. Dan Jeffreys

    What’s wrong with those people? Why are they so ungrateful for us bringing them freedom? (yes, I’m being sarcastic)

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