The Do-Nothing Republicans’ Reliable Impotence And Inaction

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A previous blog post, “In Praise Of The Whip: To Whip Or To Rein Is Not The Question,” highlighted the anatomy of a typical Republican retort to the perennial winners, the Democrats.

It is always the Democrats that set the terms of the debate. Republicans simply internalize the rules of the game set by their masters, the Democrats,  and then play a reactive, rather than a proactive, game. Panting hard. Mentally unfit and flaccid.

Before Trump, those who crashed the Southern border conducted themselves as they are doing now.

During the Trump presidency, a “bureaucratic wall was erected, “expelling every unauthorized immigrant on the southern border.” Trump had tightened eligibility criteria for asylum-seekers at the border, as well as forcing a wait in Mexico while decisions were being made. Glacially.

The US doesn’t have borders, a fact President Trump tried hard to remedy by erecting a “bureaucratic wall.”

US laws permit anyone—other than white South Africans—to arrive at that border, do their Les Misérables act, claim to face a “credible fear” back home, get a court date, and bolt like so many rabbits, to be seen again only at the voting booth, the welfare office, the DMV and at DACA demonstrations.

Have you heard how loud the Haitians interviewed complain? Not once have I heard gracious, civilizing, polite words, such as “please” and “thank you.” Instead, it’s, “America hasn’t provided us with food, a place to sleep, to bathe; healed my baby”. Already entitled and angry, these are people who are coming here not to forge a better life, but to receive one. The incoming Haitians are the future malcontents holding up signs that read “America is racist.”

What all the veiled allusions to “catch-and-release loopholes in American immigration law” imply is this: Ostensibly, there’s no way to turn interlopers away once they plonk themselves on the US border, demand a translator and spin some yarn.

Republicans had the opportunity to change the law when, a few years back, they dominated both Congress and Senate,  the presidency and the gubernatorial field. They opted against it. The immigration tipping point has long since come and gone.

Against the impotency of the Republicans, observe the Democrats. These vampiric operatives have focused the first term of the Biden presidency on using the DOJ, the Security and the Surveillance State to destroy Trump and as many of his followers as possible. These good people have been thoroughly marginalized and demonized—their country made diverse to the point of distrust.

The best the GOP can do for you, MAGA America, is a LETTER. The World is flowing into the US, no end in sight. Instead of on-camera vigils at the Open Border, impeachment attempts, law suits, state legislation, daily pressers; Republican have been penning polite letters about the threat at our Southern border from terrorists. More recent laughable, ‘dear Democrat’ letters from the GOP have inquired whence go the Haitians once released, all via a polite letter campaign. Letters—and TV visits with Tucker to commiserate.

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2 thoughts on “The Do-Nothing Republicans’ Reliable Impotence And Inaction

  1. Thorsten J. Pattberg

    The American rulers today are just like the British overlords were back in their heydays. They never cared much about law and order or the cultural and racial composition of their dominions (in fact the dumber and incompetent the better, for the British themselves were only of average intelligence) or what the plebs were doing (drugs, crime, porn, rotting). All the rulers cared for was their profits and reign and more people “liberated” (meaning uprooted, divided and disowned) These are dark times for the United States. It looks in many citizen-media videos and travel reports like a backward continent already. So sad.

  2. Ted

    I agree Ilana, quite the quandry for anyone to solve. The hatred of even the thought of Trump resolving permanent talking points for re-election drove the political class bonkers. There is a vast sea of issues to be resolved, yet it would not be by the likes of Trump. The only more repulsive thought is he can draw a peaceful crowd without paying them to be there. Burn it to the ground before that word Constitution is spoken again.

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