Update V: The Kindness Of (Caucasian) Strangers (On Brotherly Love)

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“Everywhere in quake-stricken Haiti, the same generic, benevolent, much-maligned ‘white man’ is doing the heavy lifting in the mostly thankless rescue, recovery, and rehabilitation efforts.”

To continue the topic I dared touch upon in “Haiti: Trade In Voodoo For Values,” where are all the black would-be parents to Haitian orphans? Paraded on the menstrual channel (CNN), I’ve seen many sweet, do-gooder Caucasian couples having adopted a Haitian orphan. Where are the African-American benefactors of these children?

The pattern is discernible: Here’s Maya Esther and her folks. And Meet Katy Hansley, Jeremy Wardel, and dozens of other fat, pale-faced adoptive parents. “Since the 7.0 earthquake struck two weeks ago, 497 Haitian orphans have been evacuated to the United States.”

Agence France-Presse: “France will immediately take in 276 children from quake-hit Haiti who had been matched with French parents for adoption, Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said Wednesday.” I wonder if the French Maghrebi community is partaking in these acts of generosity.

Here is one of 14 Argentinian couples in the process of adopting a Haitian child.

Update I (Jan. 31): Believe me, you’d be hearing about black charity non-stop, at least from CNN, if it amounted to something. I hazard a guess that when compared the to Honky cohort, the proportional numbers of such charity are minuscule. Why, if there was an outpouring of world-wide African charity for Haiti, CNN would have that idiot Soledad O’Brien present “Black During a Disaster,” as a follow-up to her “Black In America,” “Latino In the Same Place,” and plain “Boring in America” series.

I wonder: Do blacks give to needy whites at all? I think you’ll find that blacks confine giving to their own; whites the opposite. Guys, girls: Why not research this crucial topic for the blog?

Update III (Feb. 1): Latino media have given in to the celebrity driven extravaganzas. Telemundo is riasing tons of money. “‘La Raza Esta Con Haiti,’ loosely translated as ‘the Hispanic people are with Haiti.'”

Update II: LET THE NOT-SO PASSIVE AGGRESSION BEGIN. Laura Sillsby from Idaho, who is probably every bit the sniveling, slobbering do-gooder that the aforementioned Katy Hansley is, was arrested by “Haitian authorities,” whatever gang is officiating now, on the manifestly bogus charge of trafficking in kids.

When she was apprehended by the intrepid Haitians, Sillby, who runs an “Idaho-based charity called New Life Children,” was with a minister and some other really good people. The party was crossing into the Dominican Republic in the hope of bringing “the children to an orphanage that we have there.”

The same authorities that do nothing whatsoever to stop home-grown Haitian child chattel (scroll down), have clamped irons on Americans who’re there to help. You can be sure that whatever were Sillby’s plans for these kids, these were better than what’s in store for them if they remain at home.

The NYT is reporting that the prisoners are from Central Valley Baptist Church in Meridian, Idaho. “The team traveled to Haiti to rescue children from orphanages destroyed in the quake.”

Update IV (Feb. 1): “Love me brother of mine, love me; can’t you see? We’re all the same under the skin.” That’s the cri de coeur of the liberal Brit or Boer before his Bantu brother—all South Africans—rapes his wife, slashes her Achilles heels (that’s in right now, don’t ask me why) and guns down her pleading, humanist of a husband.

Have I mentioned how much liberal men, especially, creep me out? All women appear to be biologically programed to be liberal, but a liberal man is an especially off-putting creature. The peerless Thomas Fleming explained why white liberal males are the problem, “not blacks, women, homosexuals, or Mexicans,” as they have turned away from their religion, civilization,” and against those they are supposed to love most and protect. In the Haitian context, the kids I most felt sorry for where the biological children of the liberal do-gooder daddies who bounced off planes from Haiti with a new Haitian son or daughter. How do you bring a stranger into the lives of your biological children? How do they feel deep-down when the cameras are off? Ghastly, I’m sure. Liberals pretend that charitable adoption is the easiest and most natural thing. Only for idiots is it easy.

And, no; we’re not all the same. A common liberal refrain (I would like to see what Steve Sailer has said in this regard) is that differences between individuals are statistically more significant than those between cultural, ethnic, and racial groups. I don’t see why the fact of inter-individual differences would nullify inter-group variance. That’s liberal logic for you.

Exhibit A: In Haitian and other African societies families don’t find it terribly hard to sell their girls into slavery.

Larry King, SJ Gupta, and A. Cooper like to frame this phenomenon as an agonizing decision. Grow a brain. The reason hundreds of thousands of little Haitian girls are given to wicked witches who beat them and to men who rape them is … can you guess? Their parents neither love them as much as, say, I love my daughter, nor want them. Most American mothers would sell themselves to save their children from such a fate, a sentiment simply not shared in backward societies.

Exhibit B: In the West, at least before liberalism made men into pathetic pansies, males make sure that women and children were evacuated, fed, and rescued first, while they wait their turn. I’d argue a lot of young, Anglo-men still possess such virtues or instincts. In fact, so basic are these values to our culture that even Hollywood transmits them regularly in repetitive, vapid screenplays.

In Haiti, “Relief workers began handing out women-only food coupons, launching a new phase of what they hope will be less cutthroat aid distribution to ensure that families and the weak get supplies following Haiti’s devastating earthquake.

“Young men often force their way to the front of aid delivery lines or steal from it from others, meaning aid doesn’t reach the neediest at rough-and-tumble distribution centers, according to aid groups.”


I saw French rescuers crying, as they did their noble work: “I have kids this age.” I venture that few Haitian men would risk their lives to rescue French kids much less shed tear over mangled little white bodies.

Update V (Feb 2): From The Conservative Mind by Russell Kirk: “The study of primitive societies refutes the notion that all men are brothers, and that all men are equal.”

14 thoughts on “Update V: The Kindness Of (Caucasian) Strangers (On Brotherly Love)

  1. Seadaddy

    Again, as usual, right on the money. I wish the MSM were as truthful as you.

  2. Myron Pauli

    It is obvious that the reason there are not more black or Islamic adoptive parents is caused by white Judeo-Christian racism! (just joking). Ironically, in the US, there was (and probably still is) an enormous sentiment against white foster/adoptions of black babies – my late wife had to deal with that.

  3. Bob Harrison

    And the thanks we get is accusation of child smuggling and organ harvesting. Americans have been arrested by Haitian police accused of trying to smuggle children out of the country. If it were any other authority but Haiti’s, I might believe their charges.
    And of course, no tragedy would be complete without some fanatic accusing the Jews of all kinds of nefarious activities. “AfriSynergy Productions” has accused Israeli’s of legally harvesting organs, and of course this is now a widespread rumor circulated on the internet. I sometimes wonder if altruism is worth it with some people.

  4. Jamie

    Taking it a step further, where are the stories of the oil rich Nigerians, Gabonese, etc stepping up to help their racial brothers? I know most Nigerians are not rich. But they couldn’t have a few bake sales in Lagos to raise some money? The Bahamas is one of the wealthiest per-capita black nations in the world. How many Bahamians are stepping up to the plate to take in Haitian orphans? But I’m supposed to feel guilty?

  5. Steve Bernier

    Isn’t a shame that someone like Robin Roberts who has so much, isn’t featured as adopting orphan Haitian children. Your question is a good one, Where is the black community when it comes to these acts of love and charity? I know that somewhere, there are black families with love, compassion and charity, but you never hear of them. Where are the Obamas’? Where are the Jesse Jacksons’? Where are the Al Sharptons’? Where are the Jeremiah Wrights’? Where are the “so-called” leaders of the black community?

    [You make like “you never hear from them” b/c of some bias or something.]

  6. Steve Bernier

    I’m not sure if it is a bias, Ilana. It is more of a curiosity. I read stories and see the videos, but never seem to see or read about black families that adopt orphans from places like Haiti or Africa. I’m sure that there are families that do, you just never hear of them. Perhaps it’s not news worthy. More likely, the families don’t want publicity. I guess my point was, when “the white community” does something nefarious, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright jump on it with both feet and wagging tongues. I, quite frankly, am tired of the skin color proposition. Everyone has the same color blood. Everyone that I know came into this world the same way. Everyone I know will leave this world the same way. Life and death know no color. It happens to all humans. Skin pigmentation should be irrelevant, but it isn’t. I was just railing that the “so called” black leadership is strangely silent on the tragedy in Haiti.

  7. Van Wijk

    I’m sure that there are families that do, you just never hear of them. Perhaps it’s not news worthy.

    Sounds like you’re in denial. If black couples were doing what you’re so sure they are doing, our propaganda organs would be singing their praises, as Ilana said.

    It is only natural to feel affinity for one’s race and heritage. For non-whites, this is the way it’s always been and always will be. Ask yourself, why is it that only whites are expected to be colorblind? Because the prevailing wisdom is that white civilization is uniquely guilty and unworthy of love, and many whites have internalized this proposition. Colorblindness is wholly artificial; it’s a pipe dream born of white guilt. Non-whites will have none of it.

    While everyone may have the same color blood, a sample will tell the forensic scientist exactly what race and heritage you are (the same goes for bone structure). Stereotypes survive the ages because they contain a kernel of truth. Race differences are fundamental, not cosmetic.

  8. Eric

    Actually Van Wijk, you and Ilana are wrong. The propaganda oragans would not highlight those stories because the goal is to always show blacks as helpless.

  9. Robert Glisson

    “Relief workers began handing out women-only food coupons, launching a new phase of what they hope will be less cutthroat aid distribution” Which means that we now have “Meals on wheels” when the women pick up and deliver the food to the waiting robbers outside. Only forced segregation by the military that were sent in will make that work and I have my doubts then.

  10. raylynn

    I find it appalling that those freeloading, inept, moronic, corrupt thieves currently in “charge” of the Haitian government think they can take our United States citizens and imprison them for no reason at all. Shows how much Barack Obama scares them. He has done nothing or said nothing, oh yeah, I guess he wouldn’t, they are white Christians. As much as I couldn’t stand George Bush I can’t see another country doing this to us when he was in charge, especially when the U.S. is helping Haiti at this level. Just thumbing their nose at us like every other tinpot dictator in the world. Maddening!!!

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