The Other Brother Bedevils Obama

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“The Other Brother Bedevils Obama” is the current column. Read it on WND. Here’s an excerpt:

“‘The Bible,’ a popular new History Channel miniseries, is not my cup of tea—and not because of a lack of religiosity of which I am guilty.

This production may well work as a proselytizing device for the average reality TV consumer. Pop-productions, courtesy of the star of ‘Touched by an Angel,’ however, are less effective with those who’ve studied the Hebrew Bible—perhaps the greatest literary work ever—in the language in which it was written.

Interesting, though, are the recognizable facial features of the actor who plays the antagonist in the series.

James Poniewozik of Time magazine has pointed out, sarcastically, that ‘a raft of viewers–including noted Biblical scholar Glenn Beck–claimed that the show’s version of Satan bore a striking resemblance to’ Barack Obama.

Their dark foreboding excepted, the facial features of the actor who plays Satan in ‘The Bible’ do resemble Obama’s.

Moroccan actor Mohamen Mehdi Ouazanni is well cast in the role of ‘The Bible’s’ Prince of Darkness. As expected, Mehdi Ouazanni as Satan looks sinister. However, while the contours of Ouzaani’s face bear a striking likeness to Obama’s, the president usually takes care to face Americans—a people who take everything at face value—sunny side up only.

He may be a man of many masks, but President Obama’s face is generally bereft of the pall of evil that blankets Beelzebub’s face in ‘The Bible.’

There was an exception big media failed to notice, because of the providential prism through which they view (and filter) Barack Obama.

Quite recently, Obama let the very darkness that blackens Ouzaani’s face in ‘The Bible’ deform his own features. This happened during the National Prayer Breakfast, in the course of Dr. Ben Carson’s keynote address.

The Breakfast took place before the Republicans commenced a ‘slobbering love affair’ with Dr. Carson, an accomplished and affable African-American, who serves as director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. …

… Was anyone watching the president’s face during The Other Brother’s Prayer-Breakfast remarks? Well before Dr. Carson addressed the collapse of other ‘pinnacle nations’ before America, through ‘moral decay’ and ‘fiscal irresponsibility,’ an ugly expression enveloped the president’s features, Dorian-Gray style. See for yourself. …

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