The Quality Of Conservative ‘Thinking’: Almost As Childish And Flaccid As Progressive Pablum

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LinkedIn is an intellectual desert like any other social media platform, where adults, ostensible grown-ups, ooze over the vacuous, rah-rah of silly children, waxing fat over the unfettered freedoms enjoyed in the USA.

Yeah, I like the word flaccid, as my friends keep noting. There is nothing like it to conjure how floppy is conservatism and its ordinary consumers. Thought mediates action. If you cannot conceptualize and think clearly about freedom (or lack thereof)—you can’t fight for it.

My impromptu reply:

What utter drivel, on the facts. Consider: As a dissident writer over 23 yeas, my written speech would be less imperiled in Putin’s Russia than it is in the USA today.

Have the Panglossians among us heard about financial de-platforming, en masse? Speech restrictions? Has the tom-tom drum passed on the news that some of my colleagues struggle to find a bank with ease?

We have just lived through three years during which the Pharma State has consolidated power as never before. On pain of taking the Covid jab, the state has de facto established license to shutter a subject’s business, deny him freedom of movement, quarantine, fire, and separate him from loved ones. Under Republican and Democrat reign alike.

Arrests of political opponents without due process have become more common in police state America than in Apartheid-era South Africa (which, as chronicled in “Into The Cannibal’s Pot,” was surprisingly legalistic and by-the-book).

The American Administrative, Surveillance and Security State is the most powerful and feared in the world. Ask the greatest libertarian alive, if barely: Julian Assange.


One thought on “The Quality Of Conservative ‘Thinking’: Almost As Childish And Flaccid As Progressive Pablum

  1. Not Convinced

    Ouch! But, what do conservatives stand for? What principles, if any guide their actions? I used to argue that there was no substantive difference between the liberals and the conservatives but today I no longer do so. The conservatives shout platitudes wave cloth and paper and wear hats. The liberals just keep getting things done. I often think that liberals give conservatives a reason for existence that they are unable to find without them.

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