UPDATED: The Racebaiting Of Your Typical Republican & Democrat Regimists (Ana Navaro)

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Let’s do some political pattern recognition. Over the week-end, Jeb Bush shill Ana Navaro contemptuously characterized the Democratic primary line up as “fifty Shades of white.” (This is a favorite turn of phrase for the CNN Republican gasbag.) Regimist Republicans are Democrats by any other name. Diversity enforcement and race-bating are their common-core principles, as well.

Too white is how Obama shill Van Jones (appearing opposite Michael Thornton on CNN, 8/10/015) wrote Joe Biden off: Biden was an old white man who could not possibly cater to the rising racial justice and economic equality wings of the Democrat Party. Black Lives Matter, DREAMERS, and other racial-inclusion folks will not settle for a Joe Biden. So said Jones.

For the retarded reader, as one Ed Willing on Facebook showed himself to be, the above observation is in the realm of analysis. It does not constitute support for Democrats. In the typical Republican’s universe, you don’t analyze; you engage in world-view affirmation. The same goes for Democrats.

UPDATED: Democrat by any other name Ana Navaro, former consultant to failed GOP candidates, has just lamented to Anderson Cooper that she wishes Republicans debated more like last night’s Democrats: with substance and collegiality. The Democratic craven cluelessness on capitalism is of no concern to this new, prototypical Republican, who thinks of Democrats as a lodestar to emulate.