The Trump Card: Trade Aggression

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Watch out Alec Baldwin (or should that be America?), publicity hound Donald Trump is considering a run for office. Trump is motivated by the sense that the nimbus of great power that surrounds the US is dissipating. It hasn’t occurred to him to look closer to home for the cause of America’s economic anemia—at Fanny and the Fed, for example. Trump thus blames OPEC because he has no idea what’s potting, and is not eager to look in his own plate—at the burdens of doing business in the US. OPEC and the Chinese.

Among American opinion makers, Sinophobia is considered an economic theory and is thus sanctioned. Disliking China falls within the realm of economic theorizing. Accordingly, Chinese success is put down to currency manipulation, and not the industry, frugality, and hard work of that people.

The Trump plan to reclaim American power and prestige in the world includes force, of course. Like Baldwin, Trump has never wanted for anything for too long, at least not in recent memory. Strutting around on the world stage; showing those South Koreans and Chinese who’s boss: that’s a perfect complement to the waning testosterone and increasing megalomania that are the ingredients of Trump persona.

One thought on “The Trump Card: Trade Aggression

  1. Myron Pauli

    Ayn Rand lived in and I grew up in the New York City of the 1950’s and 1960’s and we were both impressed with its energy and vitality. Fortunately, neither of us endorsed the idiotic socialistic attitudes prevalent there. I have to say that perhaps I don’t “get it” about Chinese currency manipulation:

    Mr. Wong sells me a shirt for a picture of Abe Lincoln with the number 5 on it when, in reality, I should give him a picture of Alexander Hamilton with the number 10 on it. How does that make me any better? And what can Mr. Wong do with these green pieces of paper anyway – well, maybe he can buy oil from Sheik Yamani but then Sheik Yamani has to buy F-15’s from Lockheed Martin. In any case, how would my paying more “dollars” to Mr. Wong make me better off?

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